Learn about the company which created the Unified Enterprise DLT System

We have worked since 2015 to develop and perfect different technology solutions to create the best blockchain and distributed ledger technology for our clients who wanted mass scale performance with national currencies, better digital engagement with their users, and a cheaper backoffice. We achieved a state of art technology that combines the best of blockchain and distributed ledger, made for enterprise implementations and fully compliant with data and money regulations.


June 2021

Billon launches digital mass payouts product

August 2020

Billon receives £2M funding with UK Future Fund

June 2020

Innovate UK grant for storing COVID vaccination certificates on blockchain

May 2020:

Raiffeisen uses Billon’s DLT for tokenizing euro and other assets

March 2020:

Billon concludes Series A raising $6M

April 2019:

E-money license in Poland

January 2019:

Wojtek Kostrzewa joins as the new CEO

November 2018:

Global FinTech Accelerator award at the Singapore FinTech Festival

July 2018:

FIS joins as an investor and client

June 2018:

E-money license in the UK

December 2015:

Billon Group is founded in the UK following several years of R&D in Poland

Our Story

Billon created a high-performance DLT system for all asset classes: national currencies, documents & data and identity, meeting regulatory requirements and solving challenges for the wide adoption of blockchain technologies. With the protocol designed for high throughput and low cost of maintenance, our mission is to become the backbone for all kinds of enterprise applications and unleash the transformational capabilities of blockchain in the regulated world.

Billon Group Ltd. was founded in the UK in 2015, following several years of R&D in Poland. Its unique DLT protocol has been supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program. Billon subsidiary companies are licensed to issue electronic money by regulators in the UK and Poland. Billon’s growing partner list includes leading companies such as FIS, Raiffeisen Bank International and BIK (the Polish credit reporting agency).

Our Vision

A regulatory compliant and high-performance DLT for all asset classes

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patent applications filed



Michał Pakuła

Head of Strategy

Michał served the last 8 years as the head of corporate strategy at T-Mobile Poland and prior to that he worked with McKinsey. Michał manages Billon’s business delivery and financial infrastructure.

Monika Jabłkowska

Corporate Solutions

Monika has over 20 years of management experience in marketing and sales. She worked for Bank BPH (GE Capital Group), HSBC and Citi leading development of customer propositions, product innovations and sales strategy among her roles. In Billon Monika is responsible for cooperation with global partners and corporate clients in financial sector.

Maciej Józefowicz

PR & Communication

We tell the world about Billon’s unique technology and describe the difference we make for companies and their clients. We share our knowledge about blockchain and DLT to educate, inspire, and engage people to help overcome their hesitations about this wonderful technology.

Edward Słówko

Design & UX

Design & UX is responsible for creating an extraordinary experience of our users. We make sure our products, apps, websites and other materials look beautiful and help understand the value we deliver. We create graphic and video content that inspires and attracts users on every communication channel.

Jacek Pikul

Project management

Here we match our IT capabilities with business projects, like product development or solutions implementations with clients and partners. IT analysts offer deep understanding of the technology capabilities and facilitate proper technology choices, while understanding their product and business implications and value. Project managers take on the lead of most complex technology development projects, assuring delivery staff and business priorities of the project are properly managed.

Bogumiła Cebelińska

Product management

Here we define functionalities of our products and co-create seamless user journeys. We lead development projects, create roadmaps and deliver successful product launches.

Dominik Rutkowski

Product management

Here we define functionalities of our products and co-create seamless user journeys. We lead development projects, create roadmaps and deliver successful product launches.

Karolina Stępniak


Operations department makes sure all our products work, tests them and fixes if they don’t. Customer and client care – that’s us! Another part of our team is Knowledge Management Office which helps our employees understand our technology better and, in turn, work better.

Piotr Obidowski

Web Head of Delivery & Web

This team develops and maintains web products used by Billon’s clients, as well as internal applications supporting daily work of our company. We use technologies applied by Facebook or Google to ensure speed and stability of our online products.

Sylwester Goławski


Application team builds mobile and desktop apps for end users. Their work converts your smartphone or laptop to a blockchain node, allowing you to send and receive money in real time and store it on your device.

Marcin Godniak

Blockchain & DLT

We are the cooks who invented Billon’s secret sauce recipe. Here the best blockchain experts in the country work on Billon’s civilized blockchain, make it even the best and most efficient blockchain technology globally.

Michał Maciejewski

Financial institutions middleware

The financial institutions middleware team works with our business partners to connect their systems with our blockchain architecture. Thanks to their work you can cash out Billon e-money in ATMs or transfer them to a bank account.

Piotr Brewiński

Legal & Compliance

Every company needs lawyers – and that’s us. We take responsibility for contracts, negotiations, contacts with the public administration and the judiciary and other legal affairs of Billon. We are in charge of compliance, making sure the company and our products function in accordance with legal regulations.

Administration & Security

Administration & Security

Administration & Security keeps our IT environment stable and secure. Our job is to ensure all other teams have conditions for an efficient and uninterrupted work.

Marek Marczuk

Business Development & Partnerships

Business Development & Partnerships team looks for new business opportunities and strategic partners to expand our business in the world. Together with our partners, who love our Billon’s civilized blockchain technology, we create use cases with long-term business values for companies from any sector.

Jakub Paczuski

Commercial & Sales

We help client identify where blockchain/distributed ledger brings the most value and new revenue. We respond to every email, keep our word, and establish long term relationship.










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