Immutable Data Storage

A universal solution to record and store any critical and essential data used for evidentiary purposes as exhibit of specific events. Blockchain guarantees a tamper-proof record of data, further enabling an undisputed audit trail.


Immutable data is a piece of information that cannot be deleted or modified. Most traditional databases store data in a mutable format, meaning the database overwrites the older data when new data is available.

In contrast, with blockchain, data will not be overwritten when new information becomes available. Blocks of data are linked together to form a continuous, chronological chain of unchanging records. The way data is secured and stored in blockchain is highly secure and useful for any audit or legal evidence purposes.


Faster Operations

When data is stored as immutable, new data is appended to the previous one, along with a timestamp. This means the database can simply insert data without blocking the system to perform integrity checks. Data arrives continuously with minimum latency.


The solution ensures compliance with regulations related to the storage of critical information on so-called durable medium in addition to data authenticity confirmation for the purposes of forensic analysis.

Historical Context

Many organizations need to compare historical data with the latest version for better, more contextual analytics. Immutable databases preserve all historical data. It helps to create checkpoints in the past to which a system can be restored.


Many industries, especially healthcare and financial, might face random audits. It is crucial for them to preserve all the data, so they have the historical data handy if it’s required for an audit.


Each company which is issuing data on blockchain holds a publishing node with additional publishing components like publishing application. It allows for recording, storage and retrieval of data in any formats, not only text. We provide easy and fast integration through REST or SOAP API



Linkage of immutable DLT records with both on-chain, as well, as off-chain data supported permissioned onboarding process, users authentication and roles management provide flexibility during the use case modeling.

Efficiency and scalability

The solution’s architecture is optimized to process many transactions simultaneously, with a highly scalable network


History of the operations and events is captured chronologically, and it stays unchangeable and tamper-proof

Security & Privacy

The data privacy is assured by the DLT mechanisms of encryption and massive data decomposition