Multi-party data sharing

For Receivables and Supply Chain Finance programs.

Solution for multi party sharing and attestations of invoice data and document images for receivables financing and supply chain programs. Banks and financing institutions save between 50 - 70% of costs by streamlining processes and reducing risks with rules-based automation.


Streamlined workflows and reduced operational costs with fully digital, real-time exchange of information and documents and decisioning automation based on programmable rules

Reduced risk of a data errors and get fraudulent, delayed or lost documents.

Potential to grow revenues, particularly by attracting those SMEs that could not otherwise afford the operational hassle of invoice financing.


Parties can share data and documents in near real time with certainty and cryptographically protected security  irrespective of their physical location

Solution is modular with programmable logic and configurable flows such as collecting attestations prior to execution of contract conditions

Ability to connect with payments solution, for immediate transfer of funds for approved invoiced and schedules for due date payments

APIs to connect to ERP or front-end systems to automate data extraction

DLT provides immutable and highly resilient data & document storage with full compliance to EU data protection regulation (and geo-fencing if needed); with full audit trail