Intellectual Property Rights Tokenization

Intellectual Property Rights Management Platform is a marketplace solution bringing the blockchain’s single source-of-truth for owners, contributors and authors of IP. The solution allows to register and certify IP and issue IP-representing tokens, trace the ownership changes and facilitate trade with digital national currency. Crowdfunding application allows authors to gather funds and donors to invest in IP of future works in a controlled and secure environment.


Better transparency and security for authors and collective management agencies or copyright bureaus, lowering piracy and illegal consuming of the rights.

Additional income from IP Right market trading with full life-cycle from pre-IP creation, production, trading, to end-user.

New financing and investment possibilities based on tokenized intellectual property..

Affordability in monetizing intellectual property with flexible licensing models.


Solution combines the usage of all main node types (publishing, minting, corporate and mobile nodes) as well as different kinds of created objects -tokens documents, digital cash linked to verified digital identity on blockchain. Three web applications allow for IP certification, trading and crowdfunding of works, while a mobile application allows for easy IPR tokens management.


Flexible platform to register IP rights accommodating different types of work (audio, video, patents…). During the process, the work metrics as a PDF file is saved and published on the DLT, which creates a unique and durable record of IP ownership to given work. Additionally, the attestation service creates a digital representation of the IP Right to register as tradable token, and delivers it to the wallet of the work authors and other IP rights holders.


Embedded payment mechanism using Regulated Digital Cash allows buying and selling the whole or part of IP rights attributed to specific work. Any user who has registered the identity on the network is able to purchase such a token


An application for creating the fundraise and gathering and managing the funds for new work creation.


Serving as a personal wallet for user identity and tokens management.


Customizable with rich set of functionalities


The solution could be used by different kinds of users from Individual content creators through Author’s associations, copyright collectives and public rights organizations to corporates, SME’s and private individuals. Including ease of creating digital representation of different kinds of assets and easier, secure transfer of ownership.

Billon no-cryptocurrency approach


Although the Billon e-money solution works on the DLT platform, it does not use any crypto asset layer in the background. The solution uses the digital representation of money kept on a safeguarding account provided by the bank, and it has been designed to be compliant with the EU E-money Directive.

Interoperable with other systems

Can be integrated via API with other payment methods enabling interoperability with financial infrastructure (cards, money transfers, PayPal etc). The solution can also be integrated with existing investment / exchange platforms in order to allow their clients to invest in new kind of assets.