Open Platform

Billon Unified Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger platform that processes data, documents, identity, tokens and money on the same rail leading to cost, speed, scalability, security and automation improvements.

Billon Unified Blockchain


MultiNode Wallet
The Billion wallet establishes users’ self-sovereignty by ensuring that the private data, including the keys, remains under their control. The wallet's multi-functional feature also enables users to manage external blockchain user identities, which can facilitate the creation of interoperable processes if required.
Versatile platform
Billon Unified Blockchain is a versatile platform that empowers businesses to create a wide range of processes. Its environment enables users to securely write, process, and exchange both private and public documents and data on immutable storage.
Moreover, the platform allows for the creation of tokens that represent real-world value, and can even facilitate the minting of digital representations of currency, in compliance with European and British regulations, if relevant to your business requirements
Full Stack
The software stack contains all elements that allow to build and integrate the application sets supporting your needs on enterprise and end user level. Customable on-premise solution ready for eterprise implementation.

WEB 3.0

The Open Platform represents a leap-frog in data sharing towards Web 3.0 that has been tested and verified by its globally recognized partners and clients.
The Platform offers the rich-data on-chain processing allowing to store documents of any format on-chain and self-sovereign identity management, where user controls all of its assets with:

  • - Embedded KYC and AML at registration;
  • - Provisional or Full Identity on blockchain;
  • - The last-mile solution, where all private keys are stored at the end users’ device.

Operating groups – you set the rules

Operating Groups is an independent set of nodes that validates transactions between each other and allows for data fencing ( e.g. sectorial or geographical)

Operating group is your separated part of the network which can be configured according to your needs. The configuration could be both:on the protocol level, containing consensus and cryptography and on the business level, where you decide who, and with which privileges can access your services, what kind of identity verification your customers need or how much and how will they pay for your services. The operating group also guarantees that your and your client data - even in encrypted form will never be processed outside your part of the network. 

Finally, if you are not yet certain what potential Unified Billon Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technologies in general offer to you and your business, you are also welcome to join us and to benefit from connecting your solution to our Unified Billon Blockchain to gain on this disruptive technology hype and test drive before you make an investment into a commercial business case. 


The sandbox

Let us both walk before we run. Therefore, we encourage you to join our sandbox environment. It is as easy as to sign a technology partnership and Billon Unified Blockchain sandbox access agreement. You will get:
1) Access to Billon’s technical and product documentation;
2) License to use Billon Unified Blockchain Partner logo and branding for your solutions;  and
3) API to connect your solution to the Sandbox of the Billon Unified Blockchain for testing, promotion, marketing and sales purposes.

Production Environment
If you intend to roll-out your commercial services on a high performance and scalability blockchain solution, you should contact us at and we will provide you with a Commercial Partnership Agreement. This will allow you, beyond what is included in the Sandbox agreement, to:
1) Connect to the production environment of the Unified Billon Blockchain; and
2) Configure your own Operating Group if you need one
3) Set up the Unified Billon Blockchain nodes at your own IT infrastructure (either on premise or at your cloud subscription).

Data distribution grows with every partner