Why Us

Billon provides both technological solutions and ready-to-use products for distributed information management. Billon’s production-proven technology is revolutionizing secure data management with its Sovereign approach to customer identity. Our Unified Blockchain Protocol is trusted by major companies and governments.


Billon provides both technological solutions and Our data-focused blockchain protocol, which supports Web 3.0 and holds a world record for energy efficiency, streamlines business operations and enhances cybersecurity. By replacing traditional IT systems with our L1 protocol, you can enjoy seamless processing of data, documents, identity, tokens, and money for increased security, automation, and customer trust. Our solution integrates public and private on-chain data, compliant with GDPR, and includes digital cash and assets meeting high compliance standards. Partner with us to take your business to the next level.


Over 10 years of experience on global market

Tailor made blockchain solutions for enterprise


Billon's Unified Blockchain Platform delivers transformational results with its innovative combination of technology, security, and ensured user autonomy. Our platform is at the forefront of on-chain data management and identity handling and has the potential to revolutionize your business operations, simplify processes, and improve cybersecurity resilience.

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Last-mile solution

Rich-data on-chain

Multi-issuer model