Finacial Products Tokenization

Universal tokenization platform for creating and trading digital security assets and currencies. Allows tokenization for exchange of any non-cash asset: bonds, shares, mutual funds supporting financial institutions to create and redeem fiat-backed digital cash and digital assets.


Increased revenues


Creates a new revenue stream for the businesses in the financial sector by offering new types of investment products that could be offered through new sales channels such as crypto exchange services.. 

Increased liquidity


Easier access for clients to buy and invest in tokenized securities with digital currencies

Speed and transparency  


Improved the cut-off time for custody customers with automated settlement and 24/7 trading without relying on middlemen 


Billon’s blockchain platform provides all necessary elements: minting nodes, corporate and personal wallets on mobile and web, and exchange portals. See our tokenization platform use case for mutual funds and digital Euro.


Straightforward tokenization with no necessity of writing complicated smart contracts. 

Cost effective processes no demanding high computing power nor much energy consumption

No gas = stable cost structure

All software elements required for building the ecosystem