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Billon secures the grant in the Polish “Go to Brand” competition to help businesses to enter new markets

August 20, 2019

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  • As one of competition winners, the Polish-British FinTech will receive funding awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
  • Billon will receive over 380,000 PLN for activities to promote its enterprise DLT system to markets globally.
  • With the financing secured, the company will be able to present itself at the industry’s biggest events, including in Singapore, Amsterdam and Hannover, in a focused effort to develop new partnerships


(Warsaw / London, August 20, 2019) Billon sp. z.o. o., a wholly-owned Polish subsidiary of Billon Group, secured a grant in the "Go to Brand" competition, organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). Under the agreement with PARP, Billon will receive 382,320 PLN (ca. 87,500 EUR) to promote its enterprise DLT system to markets globally. 


Billon will use the funds to exhibit at some of the world's largest FinTech and digital transformation events in Europe, USA and the Far East as well as at other relevant FinTech events. Billon's representatives will also take part in blockchain conferences in locations across the globe, including Vienna, New York, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo. As a result, Billon will have the opportunity to meet potential new partners in a bid to sign deals with global companies. This will enable the business to introduce its distributed ledger technology for corporate use in new markets across the world.


Wojtek Kostrzewa, CEO of Billon Group, comments: - I am happy to see PARP helping Billon and many other companies from Poland to raise their international profile. Our brand is already recognised in the UK and we are gaining a foothold in the US as well as the Far East. I hope that, with the help of the "Go to Brand" funding, Billon will become an established player in the global FinTech market.


This is the latest in a series of funding that Billon has won in recent months. Over the past year, the FinTech company has received a number of R&D grants from the National Center for Research and Development in Poland, as well as from the EU’s Horizon 2020 framework program.


The "Go to Brand" competition supports products and brands hailing from Poland with the potential for global market recognition. Accordingly, small and medium-sized enterprises may apply for funding to participate in fairs, exhibitions, and other promotional activities, as well as to reimburse consultancy service fees incurred when entering new markets. In the latest competition, the fifth round, a record number of 1394 companies applied. Awards were offered to 770 of them, operating mainly in the IT and fashion industry.


About Billon

Billon created the first enterprise DLT system, unifying national currency transactions, document management, and identity management into a single architectural system. Our mission is to unleash the transformational capacities of DLT in the regulated world.

Billon went beyond the initial principles of blockchain by creating a new protocol for encrypting national currencies within existing regulations. We first solved the challenge of transacting micropayments at scale, and we can now also encrypt documents and data on-chain. Our high-performance DLT system is designed to deliver tangible business results in the areas of Account & Transactions, Trusted Documents, and Identity & Data Sharing.

Billon was founded in the UK in 2015, following several years of R&D in Poland. Its unique DLT protocol has been supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program. Billon is licensed to issue electronic money by regulators in the UK and Poland, and employs a global team of more than 80 professionals in its two offices in London and Warsaw. In November 2018, the company won the world's largest fintech festival in Singapore, organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, showcasing a solution to zero-cost blockchain micropayments


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Emilia Ordon

Head of PR & Communication, Billon Group

Emilia Ordon is Head of Marketing and Public Relations with extensive experience in communications and brand management. She has managed communication and marketing campaigns for many brands including ITI Group, TVN, Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry to name a few. She advised diverse companies and individuals on content and brand management and the creation of engaging client communication.

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