Multi-Party Documents & Data Exchange

Blockchain solutions that allows to issue, certify, store and exchange documents and data directly between multiple enterprises through permissioned shared ledger. Transparent history of operations allows the parties to securely conclude transactions and view information in real time.


Billon Unified DLT can be used for handle any process based on information and value exchanged ensuring robustness, security and trust & traceability, and giving adequate scalability  and performance and energy efficiency.

High security and privacy of shared data


The solution delivers an inherently high level of data protection through encryption of individual pieces of data, including metadata. Also individual cryptographic keys restrict access only to authorized parties which protects sensitive business data and allows to share and view data securely. 

Increased trust in B2B transactions


Multiparty on- chain document and data sharing capabilities with full audit trail and transparency based on blockchain system eliminates the risk of data lost and manipulation.  As documents and data are stored directly on-chain and are exchanged between relevant parties, all have constant access to a single source of true files  with a proven  history of operations.

Increased operational efficiency, Improved processing time and operating cost saving 


Reduce complexity and inefficiencies in paper intensive multiparty processes by lowering  administrative costs and eliminating intermediaries. Fully digital and real time document exchange  reduce time to execute transactions by minimizing number of manual operations and limit the risks related to the disparate data sources. 

Interoperability and flexibility of use


Deployment and integration of the solution into existing legacy systems is easy and does not disrupt other operations. It smoothly integrates with existing IT systems with industry standard REST and SOAP APIs.  Fast and flexible provisioning process for new participants is automatic and does not disrupt distributed ledger. The solution can be implemented for various use cases and  flexibly designed depending on required business logic.


For the purpose of exchanging data and documents between publishing institutions, publishing node functionality was extended to access and read data from DLT published by other publishers.


Decentralized and immutable data storage

The solution stores and publishes entire documents, not only hash, in the distributed ledger. Once a document is cryptographically linked to participant ID and digitally signed and stored, it cannot be modified. 

Resilience and durability of information with the full traceability of document lifecycle

Due to the blockchain structure, all the actions like data access, usage and data source are transparent for relevant participants. History of the operations is synchronized and recorded chronologically - it stays unchangeable and tamper-proof.

Documents availability in real time

As all documents are recorded on blockchain, data is available for participants in real time without any intermediaries or additional central storage. Parties can decide which data is publicly available and which is only accessible for authorized users.

Increased security and Access control

The solution enables highly secure, fraud-resistant document sharing and verification, whilst also protecting the privacy and integrity of the users. Permissioned onboarding process, users authentication and roles management provide flexibility in use case modeling. 

High efficiency and scalability

The solution’s architecture is optimized to process many transactions simultaneously, with a highly scalable network and lightweight nodes which do not require high performance hardware setup nor computing power.