Digital Product Passport

Digital Product Passport is a blockchain-based end-to-end provenance and traceability solution that allows companies to digitally record and share information about the product to prove the product origin and sustainability. The solution provides easy access to transparent product information for supply chain participants supporting objectives of circular economy goals provided by UE.


Billon’s solution is perfectly suited to provide foundations of provenance and track & trace system for materials circulation, environmental footprint and waste identification in the economy.  

Reduce costs and time with multiparty paperless document exchange 


Collection and registration of necessary product parameters by participants in one shared system in a fully digital way reduces costs and time. Fast multiparty document and data sharing capabilities with full audit trail and transparency based on blockchain system allows stakeholders to increase confidence in supply chain processes.

Increase competitive advantage and trust of end consumers and stakeholders 


Fraud protection against counterfeit and falsification of documents with tamper-proof immutable register of essential trade and product documents increases transparency, eliminates the risk of data manipulation and guarantees the provenance and authenticity of data. The solution ensures a high level of security and privacy of published data all the time.

Follow legal obligations to report the sustainability of business activities and limit penalty risks


Our solution helps businesses to follow new regulations regarding changes in production and documentation of products. It follows circular economy and product sustainability regulations provided by UE. It also allows companies to reap the financial and marketing benefits of having a DPP that meets regulatory requirements.



The circular economy roadmap outlined by the EU's digital transition and data spaces aims to unify and standardize access to data. Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a solution tailored to these requirements. Although for now the directives mainly apply to the battery, textile and construction markets, hard requirements can be expected in the near future for other industries as well. The implementation of digital product passports will greatly accelerate steps toward a green society and circular economy, although stakeholders may be concerned about the security of such a database, especially if it is centralized. This is where our decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem solution comes to the rescue. It is a secure, transparent and fast process that guarantees security for both companies and consumers. Our system allows companies to meet regulatory requirements and, more importantly, reap the financial and marketing benefits of having a DPP.

Data security integrity

Visability and transparency

Clients rewarding opportunities


Product passport creator & recognition


Precise indication of provenance of products, recorded indisputably on DLT. The integrity of the published data is technologically guaranteed.

Paperless trade documents management


The ability to safely store and share all documentation related to the trade (including invoices, waybills, and certificates). 

Product passport auditing


Access to a complete set of information stored on DLT for audit purposes or at the regulator's request (including private encrypted documents).

Sustainable incentive's management


Option to process incentives to promote recycling (e.g. handling payments for the return of a plastic bottle).

Data and Reports analytics


Possibility to analyze data processed in the ecosystem for the purposes of, for example, sectoral analyzes.

Access rights management and automated provisioning


With built-in key and permissions management fully and transparently automates complex cryptography providing fast and flexible onboarding process for new participants.


Product Passport can cover all the users of the supply chain. That includes recycles, manufactures, brand owners, retailers, public sector and also end-customers.

Our solution is distinguished by its high performance, scalability and energy efficiency. Furthermore, it provides flexibility of business process implementation and competitive advantage through the ability to adapt tools to motivate and reward end customers for environmental friendly activities.