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Billon is the first blockchain company to receive EU e-money licence from the regulator in Poland

June 14, 2021

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(London/Warsaw, April 29, 2021) Rhenus Data Office, a subsidiary of Rhenus logistics company, signed a cooperation agreement with Billon Group to use Billon’s Unified Enterprise DLT system’s Trusted Document Management offering to bring the benefits of blockchain to Rhenus’ logistics and document lifecycle solutions. Under the agreement, Billon and Rhenus will cooperate in introducing customers to the solutions. 


Both companies plan to organise webinars and online campaigns on the blockchain based approach to document management for interested Rhenus clients and partners.

The agreement gives Rhenus access to the Unified Enterprise DLT platform, which can process national currencies, documents, and any digital assets directly in the blockchain structure. The Trusted Document Management platform developed by Billon provides a flexible, enterprise-wide approach to every aspect of digital document management including: 


  • secure sharing and storage


  • reliable and irrevocable publication of documents,


  • digital identity management and


  • registered electronic delivery.


TDM enables a comprehensive, fully digital and regulatory-compliant exchange of business information based on the immutability and security of data on blockchain. Now customers of Rhenus and Billon will be able to use TDM to upload, track, monitor and manage the documents using the decentralized platform’s security against data loss and tampering, and higher level of document availability. 

By using Billon's blockchain system in their logistic processes and as a component of Rhenus document and information management services, the companies aim to advance security, ensure full integrity of stored data, and strengthen the legally binding nature of shared documents.

TDM fulfills regulatory requirements for MIFID II (durable medium) and GDPR – enabling identity protection and the right to be forgotten. It maximizes data security with minimal IT administrative costs as clients manage their own keys integrated into their own devices.

Jacek Dudkiewicz, CEO of Rhenus Data Office, comments: “Billon’s technology supports our mission to reduce costs and improve document flow efficiency, bringing intelligent information technologies to daily work. Billon’s enterprise blockchain system furthers our commitment to ​​digital process transformation. The technology’s fully digital nature increases the trackability of events and enhances trust through greater security. It helps reduce manual overrides in business processes that should be automated and digital. Blockchain-based processes advance transparency, even when many actors are involved, resulting in mutual benefits and faster business development.”


Andrzej Horoszczak, CTO and Founder of Billon, comments: “Rhenus joins the growing community of Billon partners who use our system solutions to gain tangible business benefits. Blockchain, as the technology that underpins document and data management, delivers security in business processes that legacy technologies cannot match. The ability to move from paper documentation to fully digital workflow and digital contract signing slashes expenses and streamlines operations."


Billon has recently signed a partnership agreement with Sygnity to work on blockchain solutions optimizing business processes. The company also partners with the Polish Credit Information Bureau BIK, which incorporated its DLT system in the BIK Blockchain Platform, a cross-industry solution for digital document management and distribution. Companies and institutions that use Billon's blockchain to store and publish documents include Tauron, Syneriz, the Polish Section of IEEE and the Kielce University of Technology. Billon Group is also working with its UK partners on solutions for on-chain storage of documents helping to get back to normal after the COVID pandemic - Verified Vaccination Certificates and Ready-to-Work Platform.


About Billon Group

Billon created a DLT protocol and system for national currency payments and document storage at scale, meeting all regulatory requirements and solving challenges for the wide adoption of blockchain technologies. With the protocol designed for high throughput and low cost of maintenance, our mission is to unleash the transformational capabilities of blockchain in the regulated world.

Billon provides client services for handling documents and regulated e-money on blockchain. The system also supports clients developing their own enterprise solutions in areas of Trusted Document Management, Regulated Digital Cash and Asset & Data Tokenization

Billon Group Ltd. was founded in the UK in 2015, following several years of R&D in Poland. Its unique DLT protocol has been supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program. Billon subsidiary companies are licensed to issue electronic money by regulators in the UK and Poland.

Billon’s growing partner list includes leading companies such as FIS, Raiffeisen Bank International and BIK (the Polish credit reporting agency). Billon has offices in London and Warsaw.

For more information, visit Follow Billon Group on LinkedIn & Twitter & Facebook. 


About Rhenus

Rhenus Data Office Polska has 20 years of experience in offering records management services covering the entire document lifecycle in an organization – from the time of its creation, through comprehensive processing and storage, to secure destruction. Our services are designed to reduce the associated costs and improve document flow efficiency. The relevant industry know-how is sourced from the German parent company, Rhenus Office Systems GmbH, the European market leader in the area of comprehensive records management. Over 200 employees and almost 2000 customers prove Rhenus Data Office is a stable and reliable partner in the turbulent times of digital transformation.

For more information, visit



Michał Pakuła

Head of Strategy

Michał served the last 8 years as the head of corporate strategy at T-Mobile Poland and prior to that he worked with McKinsey. Michał manages Billon’s business delivery and financial infrastructure.

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