Profit from your passion.


Blog, stream or sell your craft through social media.
Fans pay you with no effort and you get your money instantly.

Donations for streaming

Enjoy the fastest and cheapest donation service for Twitch! Start by creating a donation button and add it to your Twitch channel. When fans appreciate your streams you get your money instantly without paying any extra fees. In the same moment you receive a donation alert, money is already on your account!

Sell your craft on social media

With Billon you can create a one-click payment button for your merchandise. Add it to your social media and convert ad views into a stream of revenue.

Make money blogging

With Billon you can turn your website traffic into a real stream of revenue. Put a donation button and ask to pay for a single article or to support the whole site. You will be surprised how many people are willing to give you some money if they like your blog!

Start now?

1. Register

Register an account on our payment platform to create a dedicated website for donations.

2. Log in

After registering log in with your username and password to see your dashboard. Here you can check your balance and the history of donations.

3. Generate button

Go to the Panel section to generate a button you can insert on your site.

4. Receive donations

Ask your fans to send donations by clicking the button and entering the custom website. Here they can transfer money from their Billon user account