• Technology

    Our multi-owner permissioned blockchain is the best platform for building decentralized applications.


version 0.1


version 2.0

2019 *

version 3.0

The design of the protocol started in 2012. It matured in 2017 and is available commercially. Our NextGen protocol was released with Version 2.0 introducing 100% collateralized currencies directly on the ledger. We’ve minted the first British Pound on blockchain in August’17 when we’ve received UK regulatory approval. We are now at version 2.5 which has added another world’s first feature: documents on-chain. That is not to say we are done. Our enterprise clients have given us many new challenges that have sparked new R&D initiatives. As we control the full stack, our release cycle aims for major revisions once per year, bundling smaller changes into quarterly updates.

Blockchain and DLT

We believe that most of current back office operations are outdated, costly and slow. They lower the financial results and do not enable agile business solutions. Blockchain/DLT helps to replace much of the backoffice and let’s you concentrate on the front office. This is the future of software solutions.


A scalable distributed architecture

Our permissioned ledger consists of user nodes, corporate nodes, and privileged minting nodes. There is no central authority and no single-point of failure. The network is self-organized and every node helps to maintain data integrity. While the minting nodes form the anchors of our multi-owner ledger.
Our software is small enough to run on phones, PC’s, even IOT devices, and of course servers, across many operating systems including Android, Apple, Linux and Windows.
Our corporate clients having milions of users, don’t have to worry about provisioning infrastructure for their customer base.


We have solved scaling and throughput problems via two major innovations. We have eliminated the wasteful proof-of-work algorithm in favour of cooperative proof-of-stake. Our Next Generation protocol allows user nodes add processing capacity to the ledger.
* Like Moore’s law, the performance of our DLT has been doubling every 18 months and we are confident we will continue to do so.
Right now we at 160 million settled blockchain payments per day.
Even more impressively, independent tests have confirmed 5 million documents per day writen on-chain.

We are multiple interconnected blockchains

We are a graph of blockchains with:
_Cooperative consensus
_Client-side encryption
_Individual key for every record of information
_Distributed cooperative transaction verification

Our ledger

Records any data: documents, voice recordings, x-ray, regulated money on-chain, leaving no information off-chain for ease of usage, efficiency, and superior security

Modular platform approach

First generation blockchain gave you only low level language constructs making it extremely tedious and expensive to actually develop real life applications. We give you pre-developed modules that can rapidly customize with a small team to fit your needs.


Common blockchain software library powers all modules. For enterprises we offer Corporate Nodes, and for their customers we offer User Nodes

  1. Light bank account – all regulated currencies

  2. Retail and banking interconnects

  3. e-KYC, AML, blockchain identity management

  4. On-chain data storage

  5. Data sharing and irrevocable documents delivery

  6. Two-way contractual communication with remote contract signing, smart contracts, registered receipt on blockchain

Only Billon Provides All the Ingredients to Create Enterprise Solutions on DLT

  1. DLT platform

    Fully regulated and collaterised money, documents and identity
  2. Business modules

    Full business
  3. Rapid customization of UI

    Multi-OS, Multi-Device, Apps and Web Available
  4. Result: ready enterprise solutions

    • P2P payment network for your capital group
    • Coworking document suite for your multioffice company
    • Smart energy trading with one-click invoice and settlement
    • and other solutions inspired by your company needs