• Trusted document management


end-to-end fully digital, regulatory compliant business information exchange built on revolutionary security of immutable blockchain data.

Fundamental functions for digital data management.

function 'send'

Confidential and provable business communication for public and private documents

function 'store'

Decentralized “on-chain” and immutable documents and data

function 'sign'

E-signature on contracts linked to validated identity on ledger

function 'share'

Secure data exchange of one sou rce of truth, with verifiable record of the provenance, access and usage

Irrefutable owner revision control with built-in audit trail

  • privacy

    Proof of delivery

    Undisputable digital evidence and audit trail with digital signature and timestamp on blockchain

  • fully digital

    Immutable & transparent

    Trusted business communication based on immutable nature of blockchain with digital data sharing functions across multiple parties

  • Immutable & transparent

    Fully digital

    Two-way customer communication with simple “one-click” mobile or web app for consumers

  • Regulatory compliant

    Privacy based on superior security model

    Digital Identity Management with identity verification and KYC validation secured by NextGen client-side cryptography

Top features for client benefits

Cryptographically secure tamper-proof data model compliant with data and identity protection regulations and MIFID II for Durable Medium- empowers customers to control their own data.

Two-way fully digital business communication with cybersecure digital identity management, digital document sharing & signing.

Reduces cost of IT infrastructure related to storage, backup, replication, and disaster recovery.

On-chain documents and hash on DLT

Our blockchain approach to documents is unique. We save the entire document in blockchain which provides automatic backup and security that the document will not be erased or modified by anyone

Our unique architecture

All docs & data ‘on-chain’ with multi-owner permissioned blockchain
Lightweight design apps (nodes) can run on everything, even on smartphones
Superior client-side security model with atomic encryption.
High performance and scalability provided by next generation blockchain with 42 TB written per day
Full control through geofencing and business partitioning
Convergent: money, data, identity; unified view of all of the data

Regulatory-compliant security model

Trusted Document Management solution allows processing of personal data in compliance with the GDPR principles:
Data and identity protection and privacy
Data processing, storage and data localisation
Transparency and users’ access rights
The ability to efficiently execute “right to be forgotten”

Billon’s solutions provides all features related to durable medium definition and fulfills strict MIFID II regulations:
All documents published “on-chain” – it is technically impossible to unilaterally modify or erase information providing possibility to preview documents in unaltered format
Data accessible 24/7 – providing ongoing access to documents and data over a convenient long period of time
The TDM solution is not controlled by the Service Provider thus private data are not processed by the Service Provider and maximum security is applied to each and every piece of data.


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