• New termination options


Billon’s technology links to ATMs and banks in a way that there is a digital payment option to reach even the not-so-tech savvy


Cross border remittance firms are very efficient with regards to the transfer of funds, but face high costs to originate customers and to terminate payments. Some firms refuse to allow the sender to give cash in an agent office, or to allow beneficiaries to collect in person. And from a user point of view, why can’t I find an agent office which is open 24/7?


Billon’s technology links to ATMs and to bill payment systems at a points-of-sale in such a way that remittance providers can allow clients to pay-in cash at any corner store (digitizing to a phone app) and for beneficiaries to withdraw cash at ATM which facilitate non-card transactions. Limits and controls can be parameterized to implement KYC and AML procedures.

Corporate benefits:

  • Open target client base to less tech savvy clients
  • Solve thorny KYC and AML issues with digital solutions
  • Turn every corner store into a part of your remittance value chain
  • Cut termination costs by 90% vs termination through an agent

End User benefits:

  • Respond to that urgent call for money on the weekend and at all hours of the night
  • Real-time transfer – receive the funds on a Sunday and…use them on a Sunday

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