• Profit from your passion.


Billon’s technology transforms online donations into an Instant hassle free experience but adds a wow factor of Engagement through data exchange as well.


In eSports, the clock is always ticking. Debit and Credit cards are expensive, and many pre-paid instruments have both clumsy experiences and are anonymous (great for users but the streamers want engagement!). Streamers want to recommend a zero-risk, immediate settlement solution to their viewers and capture fan data.


Billon’s merchant services module, built on top of its core peer-to-peer payments platform, facilitates donations and engagement. Streamers can set donation levels linked to rewards – such as recognition on-line for millions to see – that drive fan base behavior and activity. As the user experience is free of the hassles of codes, as taping ‘ok’ on the smartphone becomes the authorization process, the ability to drive repeated usage is clear.

Merchant benefits:

  • Zero on-boarding costs (though streamer is subject to KYC)
  • Immediate settlement and clearing of every transaction – can spend funds immediately
  • Simple one-line of code to be added to webpage
  • Full panel list of fan userID, with additional data when released
  • Ability to export and interface with CRM systems

End User benefits:

  • Engagement with the streamer as fans their user ID and other data
  • Recognition by all my friends when on-line messages are displayed to all viewers
  • Can add free app to phone during stream and start immediately (with promotional funds)

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