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Billon’s technology provides complete merchant services so that buyers & sellers can digitise a transaction which previously could only be done face-to-face with cash (or not at all!)


Debit and Credit cards are expensive, in large part because fraud exists where there can be a mismatch between the time of authorization and the moment of settlement. Processors and additional systems are needed to solve settlement and clearing challenges, but they charge high fees, and even then, they fail to eliminate fraud. Merchants need a zero-risk, immediate settlement (cash in my hand now!) solution.


Billon build a merchant services module on top of its core peer-to-peer payments platform. The real wow factor is the ability to not only settle and clear a real currency (not crypto) transaction immediately, but to also capture the buyers data in the same transaction, so that invoicing and receipts are all smoothly integrated into the transaction. The merchant wins by being able to sell immediately with a free app available online, but also captures data which could be used for CRM purposes.

Merchant benefits:

  • Easy interface listing who purchased what, with additional data
  • Ability to export and interface with CRM systems
  • Zero on-boarding costs (though merchant is subject to KYC)
  • Immediate settlement and clearing of every transaction – can spend funds immediately
  • Simple one-line of code to be added to webpage

End User benefits:

  • Ability to receive an instant receipt and VAT statement
  • Ability to shop online with a free app, and not need a credit or debit card
  • Engagement with the seller – with ability to provide more (or less) data

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