Billon’s Unique and Innovative DLT Solution for Verifying Training, Credentials ​​​​​​​
and Immunity

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing significant impact to our lives and also the global economy, it is more important than ever that new technology and applications support the goal of a safe and efficient return to work across industries.

What is Ready-to-Work Platform?

It is a professional credentials platform that stores proof of test results and training on DLT whilst also protecting the privacy and integrity of the individual.

Who can use Ready-to-Work Platform?

This unique solution is suitable for healthcare providers, human resources or regulatory departments or any business or public organization that needs to test, train and keep records on training, credentials and immunity records.

A Certificate for the Digital World

Ready-to-Work App, developed by Billon partner Gekko Group, is a certification wallet where users can store training or test results and share them with any employer or third party when required.

The Ready-to-Work App can be fully customised to serve each client’s needs. Gekko Group team of UX/UI experts create the user journey unique to each client, while Billon’s back-end developers customise the processes and create APIs to connect
​​​​​​​to any existing system

Key Features

  • Decentralized and immutable data storage

    Once a certificate is linked to an ID and stored, it cannot be modified by any participating party. The certificates are retrievable at all times while valid and can be revoked or programmed to expire

  • Secure data exchange

    The solution enables highly secure, fraud- resistant document sharing and verification for documents, whilst also protecting the privacy and integrity of the user

  • Full traceability of document lifecycle

    Verifiable record of the source, access and usage providing solid assurance through established history ​​​​​​​of all data

  • Interoperability

    The entire technology stack is ready to use upon connection of the Ready-to-Work App to any of your existing training or CRM systems with an API or SDK

  • Digital identity management

    ID verification secured by next-gen client-side cryptography providing another layer of security ​​​​​​​to personal information​​

How Ready-to-Work App Works

Simple 3-step process for the user registration and identity verification

  1. Type your personal details
  2. Scan your ID and take a selfie
  3. Click submit button​​​​​​​

Connect your existing training to create a smooth transition for your clients.

Custom question forms for any of your training or medical test questions.

My Certificate

Share certificates online or in person at no time or cost.
Avoid the inconvenience of needing to search for and carry around physical documents by keeping all you need in one accessible app.

Need to check the authenticity of the certificate you received? Simply drag & drop it for document verification by Billon DLT.

Administration panel promptly presents the status of all completed tests – complete with scores, certifications and other information important for the administrator.

Billon’s COVID-19 Back-End System*

DLT back-end and mobile UX for showing test and training results to move quickly through restricted areas or prove COVID-19 resilience to keep businesses open


* Winner of Innovate UK grant: Fraud-Resistant Covid-19 Immunity and Back-to-Work Certificates on DLT

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