TAURON introduces fully digital documents distribution with Billon Trusted Document Management


TAURON Polska Energia, one of the biggest energy providers in Poland, aimed to migrate from paper documents distribution for general energy tariffs and customer contracts into a fully digital process, in compliance with Durable Medium requirements. 

The main objective of the project was to reduce costs related to paper based document distribution to customers and streamline the sales process.

Our Solution

Billon provided a blockchain-based e-document client platform (TDM- Trusted Document Management) with tamper-proof, immutable register of documents for better data management and sharing.

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Why our solution is the best fit?

Full functionality to send & store documents digitally on DLT/Blockchain

The system provides a full functionality to send and store contract documents signed by MEP with the customer’s consent and a web-based platform which allows publishing and retrieval of the documents using DLT/blockchain technology.

This fully digital delivery and sharing of documents enables:

  • transparency
  • immutability
  • accessibility

Fully compliant with GDPR & EU Durable Medium regulation

Billon solution provides:

  • full compliance with GDPR and EU Durable Medium regulation which eliminates the need of posting signed agreements
  • significant savings for MEP related to the paper documents processing and traditional post distribution costs.

TAURON looks for solutions to streamline operations and optimize business costs along the entire value chain, from energy production to customer relations. By introducing a secure digital tool to facilitate customer service we respond to the importance of digital technologies and their widespread use by consumers.

Filip Grzegorczyk
President of TAURON Management Board
May 11,2020

How It Works


Energy Agreement Publication on DLT through customized publication Panel

TDM provides a customized publication panel for documents publication. This process supports preparation of PDF files from HTML files sent to the publication application.


Client blockchain identity creation based on data extracted directly from the Agreement

The processes of transforming the document into PDF along with reading and implementing customer details like sms, ​​​​​​​e-mail and full name are automated. This feature requires minimal work from TAURON.


Agreement cryptographically secured in PDF format & published on DLT

Agreements (private documents) which include personal data are encrypted with CEK (content encryption key). Individual CEK code is sent in a separate communication to the customer for decryption and access to the document.


Customers are notified by sms and/or email and receive easy web and mobile access to their document(s)

Notifications include URL links to the document published on DLT through Billon’s Notification Services component, integrated with Trusted Document Management.

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Customer receives sms/email notification with link

Customer clicks on the link and needs to enter decryption code to retrieve the document from DLT and read

Customer can see document details and can download the PDF file with energy agreement

New Customer Journey



Prior to the implementation of our solution, TAURON sent customer contracts and related tariffs by post or customers had to collect documents from stationary service points.

This method led to high operational costs (as the documentation often contained more than a dozen pages)

It’s also ended up extending the sales process.


Significant cost reduction

After Billon solution was introduced, remarkable cost savings were achieved following removal of paper documents distribution.

Higher Efficiency and Speed

The total time to close a customer sale was reduced significantly. Two-way fully digital customer communications in real time was made possible.

Transparency and regulatory compliance

The solution provided full regulatory compliance as an optimal alternative to previous process.

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