All-digital experience
using an administration panel with bank account functionality and API with effortless integration within enterprise infrastructure

phone and monitor

Our solution enables easy payments processing to any end customer (inside or outside) and requires only the phone number of the receiver.


Simplify the money collection process to minimize costs and time required

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No more struggle with payment processing when limited details about the receiver are known

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Build digital engagement in your company with instant gratification


Use as part of your rewards or loyalty programme for employees, partners or customers

Business benefits

  • Elimination of cumbersome, time-consuming
    business processes
  • Speed and flexibility in managing and creating
    new incentive programmes
  • Channel of direct communication with the
  • Up to 50% of total savings

End user benefits

  • Receiving payouts immediately
  • The ability to use the collected funds immediately
  • Direct cash transfer – live cash instead of illusory
  • No prepaid cards required

How It Works

Payout Panel
three smartphones with messengers
Agents and Clients
two sides arrow
ATM, Use of own card

Back-office integration
& visibility to multiple departments

Event-triggers and tailored

Digital Engagement
(and a range of redemptions options)

Key Features

Billon app on a smartphone
money on a smartphone

The payouts can be added manually or automatically with event-triggers that will create a payout after meeting the requirements (i.e.
reaching sales target) using bulk upload or API.

approval on a smartphone

Notifications are sent to users phone numbers to inform about a new payout or remind about an uncollected payment

two gears

Separate projects enable flexibility of managing different brands or programmes within one panel

monitor with charts

Analyse the collection funnel (TBD) or generate reports to better manage the payouts

block diagram

Easy to use with friendly UX

Use Cases

base station


Refunds of unused account funds

With our solution, telecomms can solve the problem of paying out leftovers from prepaid cards. Also, the solution can be used as a motivation platform for sales agents.

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Small claims payouts

Insurance companies can solve the problem of paying out leftovers from ended policies. The solution can be used as a motivation platform for sales agents.

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Sales Force Effectiveness

Higher sales with instant rewards

One of the use cases for FCMG markets would be a loyalty platform for customers to receive instant gratification. The solution can also be used as a motivation platform for sales agents.

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Incentive Program

Drive customer engagement & behaviors

Our instant incentives are a great way of rewarding for taking part in interviews, focus groups or surveys.

Marketing agencies can use our tool to service clients with payment solutions for loyalty programmes

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