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Cumbersome cash handling made easy with a management panel, API and cash-in network to enable easy deposits made by agents, couriers or partners.

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No more complex forms, queues or ID verification while making a deposit – with our solution cash handling is easy with our solution.

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A solution for cash-ins (deposits) made by agents / partners / couriers on behalf of the client to help solve the problem of cash handling and making deposits on daily basis.

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Our solution is based on a management panel and  partnerships with several cash-in chains like BillBird, with over 10.000 collection points available.


Using the API integration, we are able to provide fast transaction status update about a successful deposit for reporting or process purposes (i.e. removing an agent’s cash balance).

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Key Benefits

  • Fast implementation within enterprise systems
  • Quick barcode generation – only agent ID and amount needed
  • Easy deposit proces – cashier scans the code and agent just pays the selected amount
  • Fast agents verification through embedded automatic KYC process to enable deposits and raise AML limits
  • Solution available 24H/7

How It Works

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Management Panel and update through API
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Add new couriers / agents to the management panel. If needed, they will be verified by our team.

Generate a barcode for selected courier / agent and designated value of deposit. Send the code to courier via app or SMS.

Courier / agent goes to any Cash-in Point and scans the barcode. After successful scanning, the cashier will ask for designated deposit.

After a successful deposit, the transaction status will be updated in management panel and you can get an update through API.

When the transaction is processed, your account balance will be updated and you will be able to withdraw the funds within 1-2 workdays.

Key Features

Billon mobile application
API - monitor

Management panel with integrated API for easy to use experience

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Two way API for fast integration and data transfers

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Easy deposits using generated barcodes – just scan it in cash-in point and make a deposit for selected amount

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Integrated KYC process for agents verification

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Agents management within the panel – adding new agents, changing limits, blocking

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Possibility to withdraw selected amount from management panel

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COMING Q4’20: Analytics of completed and failed deposits to better control cash-in process

Use Cases

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Cash on delivery orders, with transfers to bank account of the sender

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Shopping Delivery

Paid by cash orders from restaurants,street food, shops
(with ability to pay to each partner separately)

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Taxis / Car Pooling

Paid by cash coach, bus and car transfers

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