BIK introduces a platform for digital document management and distribution using Billon DLT

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BIK was working on a sectorial solution for the Polish banking sector which would replace the expensive distribution of documents on paper or CD to end customers with a digital process, ensuring the integrity and non-repudiation of documents along with a fully digital communication between banks and customers in compliance with regulations.

The proposed solution needed to provide safe and cost effective digital distribution of both public documents (e.g. terms and conditions, tables of fees and commissions) and personalized documents (e.g. loan agreements, bank statements). The resulf of that work is BIK Blockchain Platform, which can be used not only by banks, but by any institution that needs to share documents in a secure digital form.


The Polish Credit Bureau (BIK)




BIK Blockchain Platform

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BIK took an advantage of Billon’s Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) to create BIK Blockchain Platform – a cross-industry durable medium solution. Based on Billon’s Trusted Document Management capabilities, BIK Blockchain Platform is a complete technological solution for the reliable and irrevocable publication of documents in a distributed network.

The platform enables enterprises to provide their customers with documents, like new tables of fees and commissions, bank statements, loan agreements, etc., in a faster and easier way. It provides unlimited access to every person with appropriate permissions, connecting through any device with internet access.

BIK Blockchain Platform is integrated with BIK Enterprise Portal – a product platform for BIK clients that enables swift implementation of the solution.

magnifying glassWhy BIK Blockchain Platform is unique


The solution addresses all challenges of digital delivery of obligatory documents to end customers.

Unlike other systems and solutions, BIK Blockchain Platform stores entire documents on-chain in a distributed and dispersed architecture, encrypts each and every piece of data, and provides clients side encryption. Those features ensure the maximum level of security and 100% compliance with regulations. ​​​​​​​

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The solution fulfills key requirements for a durable medium of information by assuring the following elements:

  • Integrity and immutability of documents stored in the distributed ledger;
  • Clients’ continuous access to their documents;
  • Access to documents independent of other institutions, including their author;
  • Confidentiality of the transmitted documents;
  • Full audit trail.

qoutation mark“BIK builds a long term cooperation with Billon. We believe that the use of blockchain technology, developed according to common innovative assumptions, will help the financial sector to optimize and modernize the effective communication with its clients.
Our solution will be expanded to include electronic delivery with active confirmation and remote signing of online agreements. It is also important that the solution meets the legal requirements of a durable medium of information, as well as the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.”

Mariusz CholewaMariusz Cholewa,
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gearsHow It Works

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BIK Blockchain Platform offers the following key functionalities:

  • publishing;
  • storing and delivering;
  • complete business access to complete document along with its classifying metadata entirely on the distributed ledger i.e. “on-chain” storage.

It also enables signing of documents and their metadata with an electronic signature.

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PDF file format is supported for the published documents, as it allows adding metadata into the file.

The process of document publishing and retrieval by customers is presented on the diagram below.

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a diagram of document publishing and retrieval
schemat publikacji i odczytu dokumentu

BIK developed a dedicated web interface for enterprise clients enabling access to the system and documents’ publication on DLT. End users can access documents through a dedicated web page provided by BIK (

gearsPublication of private documents

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For private encrypted documents, the user journey for end customers is simple and intuitive.

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Step 1.

A BIK client publishes a document through the BIK Blockchain Platform using a dedicated web interface

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Step 2.

An end user receives an email with information about the publication and a separate email and an SMS with decryption codes alllowing them to read the document.

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Step 3.

Using decryption codes and the unique document blockchain address, the user can access and read relevant documents on a dedicated web page

The next phase of solution development can include further functionalities like remote signature and active delivery.
The flexibility of the architecture enables creating dedicated blockchain networks for various sectorial solutions e.g. telecommunication blockchain network, insurance blockchain network, etc.


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Better delivery of information to end customers

  • Operational efficiency in fulfilling regulatory requirements
  • Improved customer experience
  • Automated administration and fully digital process enable a highly satisfactory customer journey
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Simplified business service flow

  • A single complete solution for paperless contractual relationship is a step change in digital transformation efforts of communication with end customers

High level security architecture

  • Storing all data on blockchain in a distributed and dispersed architecture with client-side encryption to protect sensitive personal information ensures maximum data privacy and security.
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New capabilities for BIK product portfolio

  • Providing a solution compliant with legal requirements regarding durable medium and GDPR enabled BIK to serve the financial sector and other industries with a new, unique proposition and extend its product portfolio.

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