Billon is an interoperable, enterprise grade software platform
Using our own high-spec blockchain protocol, Billon seamlessly combines fully regulated money, identity, and documents into a single distributed ledger.
Solutions built upon our platform provide a secure, unified view across the entire enterprise, simplifying processes, lowering costs, directly connecting companies with their clients, while empowering data privacy and control.
High-Speed & Scalable | Regulated | Our own blockchain protocol

Singapore Fintech Festival Winner

Billon benefits

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Superior Technological Features

  • Scalability supporting both B2C and C2C models
    Our throughput increases as more users join
  • Live tested @ 160m payments & 5m documents per day
    Our Directed Acyclic Graph is faster than other multi-channel
  • Client-side encryption + integrated key management
    Maximizes security with minimal administration
  • No Mining, cooperative proof of stake
    Enables ultra-fast global settlement (c. 8s)
  • Full nodes run on smartphones, IoT devices
    Optimised app footprint lets almost any device participate

11 fs Analysis of Billon Architecture

Mono-channel “blockchains”


Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake, Multichain

Distributed Multichannel Ledgers


R3 Corda
Multi-channel “ledgers”
Chain Protocol,





Billon unleashed the power of blockchain. We deliver businesses all the benefits of distributed ledger technology without the cryptocoin downsides.

Blockchain/DLT benefits

Superior security architecture with no mass data leaks and no single point of failure

With no intermediaries costs are lower and client communication better

Faster decision making with instant access to all business data

Seamless business processes

Billon unique features

First regulated blockchain to encode fiat currency in the UK and Poland

Unique architecture for mass scale performance

Immutably combines money, data and identity

Unified platform with technology modules

Unique Architecture

160mln transactions/day 150mln docs/month no mining ~zero tx cost160mln transactions/day
150mln docs/month
no mining
~zero tx cost
Money, documents and identity stored directly on-chain and fully protected by the power of blockchainMoney, documents and
identity stored directly
on-chain and fully
protected by the
power of blockchain
DataData is not circumventable
and not dependent on
single points of failure
EncryptionClient-side encryption,
content encryption key
for GDPR compliance

We have built our own blockchain protocol, and modular building blocks to enable fitting in any business and its internal mechanisms & structure.

Modular building blocks enabling a new era of monetary and document transactions

above atmosphere clouds

Problems We Solve

_Trusted-document management

Regulations require that end users have independent, unrestricted access to the contractual documents. Legacy technologies do not allow for it. Billon blockchain not only offers open, bilateral communication with clients, but also creates a fully digital engagement between an institution or company and its users secured by the power of blockchain.

Problem: New regulatory challenges not solvable by legacy technologies.

Use case: The biggest CEE credit score bureau to provide blockchain-powered tool up to 24 million individuals to
control documents. Saving 30% TCO.

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_Lite Bank Account for Corporate Motivation

It is not enough to pay someone money for the work they did, they need to receive it instantaneously and most importantly they need to feel appreciated through personalized message

Problem: How to streamline digital incentives?

Use case: A large insurance company applied our technology to achieve 16% sales uplift with blockchain-based incentivisation.

A payout project for a world leading FMCG provided up to 25% cost savings and saved 30% of sales force time.

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