We are Billon.

We have civilised blockchain technologies to create the Unified Enterprise DLT System.

Billon created a high-performance DLT system unifying national currency transactions, documents on-chain, and identity management into a single platform.
High-Speed & Scalable | Regulated | Our own blockchain protocol

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We disrupt within regulations.

Our mission is to unleash the transformational capabilities of blockchain technologies in the regulated world.

Our system is designed to deliver tangible business results by unifying payments and regulated data, with the management of identity, in real-world implementations.


Why now?

Consumers and Companies demand the ability to transact in a currency they trust and to have their data protected. We believe that – with $2.6 trillion of global IT spend annually – technology should fulfill those regulations that protect us all.
But it doesn’t.

The world needs technology companies like Billon.

Billon went beyond the initial principles of blockchain by creating a new protocol for encrypting national currencies within existing regulations. We first solved the challenge of transacting micropayments at scale, and we now can encrypt documents and data ‘on-chain’ as well.

Billon app on the mobile phone and the monitor

Our Capabilities

Accounts & Transactions

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Identity & Data sharing


Trusted Document Management

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Our Unique Architecture

Lightweight Architecture

Fast, with high-processing throughput delivered by simplified peer-to-
peer verification

Unprecedented scalability, achieving processing speeds unimpeded by additional users, and throughput rates that increase with every new user

Optimised for End Users – architected for mobile devices
and to transact off-line

User-Centric Identity Ownership

Client-side encryption, means users control their own encrypted data in an architecture that emphasizes ease of access

Consent-based model, requires user’s consent to share or delete data

Identity governance – transactions unified by permissioned and regulatory approved identities

Governance Within Protocol

On-Chain document storage with atomic encryption, enables complete compliance, e.g., durable medium, MiFiD2

National currency, not tokens, digitized directly by regulated entities, without the need for miners or third party exchanges

AML, KYC & GDPR – requirements addressed at the protocol level, enabling system performance without work-arounds