• Operations and payments
    are never ending problem?
    Not any more.


Billon moves data, not just money, and can help companies to streamline their operations through open APIs linking into back office systems.


Day-to-day operational systems – which process a payee information – aren’t integrated with payment system. This creates many issues:

  • One-time vouchers are expensive and I don’t collect much information about the payee
  • Solutions like PayPal result in exception handling from returned funds
  • Invoicing. Payees who wants to send an invoice for tax purposes require company time and cost

For one of Billon’s clients, a market research firm, they couldn’t find a solution in the market, and so were frustrated.


Billon’s technology facilitates both a two-way transfer of data and money. Whereas PayPal is a one-way payment to an email address, Billon’s technology facilitates a collection process that can link the flow of funds to the collection of data, or generation of an invoice exchanged between the parties. No more dealing with returned funds, as the payee collects their funds and thus there are no exceptions to handle. After using APIs to connect to back office systems such as SalesForce.com, operational processes can be simplified.

Corporate benefits:

  • Save $10 to $30 on every exception
  • Reduce several FTE in operations, and deploy elsewhere
  • Engage the payee when they collect -> more effective way to communicate with them than via emails

End User benefits:

  • End-user experiences is better.
  • The payment is instant, and the funds can be used for anything – payments, transfer to everyday banking cards, ATM withdrawal, top-up mobile phones, and eventually, on-line shopping as well.

Make the smart choice. Get started with Billon!

Step 1

Configure incentives in your Payout Panel. You can link event triggers via API or use the panel directly.

Step 2

Let your recipients know that their rewards are ready for collection.

Step 3

All done! Your recipients get money instantly and can redeem their rewards via bank transfer, at an ATM or spend it at partnering stores. As recipients collect funds, data are captured in the distributed ledger.

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