• Reward loyalty
    instead of promoting captivity.


Billon helps international corporations to increase loyalty and trade marketing efficiency by digitizing these programs to build end-user engagement and cut the cost of distributing payments.


Consumer campaigns are costly to run, and it is difficult to gather data from all participants as many opt out. Most companies chose to create programs which give points, but points are not valued equally by all consumers. Paying cash results in a stronger consumer reaction, but how to get the cash to consumers and convince them to chose to provide their data?


Billon’s technology provides consumer apps, with the company branding, and the campaign manager can control payouts to consumers. When consumers collect their rewards, the campaign manager connects to the consumer, even if the consumer ‘opts out’ of providing their full data.

Corporate benefits:

  • Higher % of consumers providng data
  • Up to 50% total end-to-end cost savings
  • Higher response rate

End User benefits:

  • Payments they can use and understand
  • Easy user experience on their smartphones
  • Better connection to the campaign

Make the smart choice. Get started with Billon!

Step 1

Configure incentives in your Payout Panel. You can link event triggers via API or use the panel directly.

Step 2

Let your recipients know that their rewards are ready for collection.

Step 3

All done! Your recipients get money instantly and can redeem their rewards via bank transfer, at an ATM or spend it at partnering stores. As recipients collect funds, data are captured in the distributed ledger.

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