• Mobile-first banking solutions
    on distributed ledger.


Billon’s technology delivers a new encrypted architecture which manages all the bank’s use cases, client accounts, and transfers within an ecosystem of computers and phones. Integrated with the bank in the back end. And no cost to scale on the front end.


Traditional banking system architectures were built decades ago, and as such, when banks set up new accounts, they incur the cost of protecting and processing data on old architectures. Add onto this the processes and procedures related to managing such accounts, often in different systems, and human intervention becomes necessary for exception handling. If this is not bad enough, payments generate cost of requiring multiple parties playing many roles, all of whom also work on old architectures.


Billon’s technology provides a new architecture. Based on the principle that encrypted, distributed data, can be stored and processed levering the cloud and new immutable transaction paradigms, Billon’s system eliminates account cost and exception handling. Each node can be programmed for the functionality and features of different use cases, all the while without incurring cost as they operate on everyday smart devices and PCs.

Bank benefits:

  • Cut the cost of new (and dormant) accounts to zero
  • Eliminate transaction costs between parties within the ecosystem
  • Innovate new products and services

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