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Posted: 11 sierpnia 2020

Bringing blockchain remedies to pandemic ailments

The global pandemic has so accelerated digitization that even industries that by definition cannot be run remotely -- like restaurants, hospitals, schools and fitness centers – have had to move to some degree toward virtual models and contactless transactions.

For essential organizations like governments, banks and financial services, hospitals and healthcare providers, colleges and universities, the need is even greater. As entities responsible for vital and often sensitive personal data, they urgently require technology solutions that transcend supply chain and transportation challenges and deliver real-time data and document transactions. 

Billon has been actively serving these organizations in many ways. We’re currently developing a coronavirus immunity certificate solution as part of an Innovate UK grant to help employers ensure worker safety while protecting privacy. We’re delivering Trusted Document Management to banks, energy providers, and universities for vital customer records, diplomas, and more. We’re applying tokenization to digital currencies (in ways that apply to both national/fiat currencies like the euro and private banking uses like RBI Coin). 

For more reflection on the changes driven by the pandemic and the role of blockchain in meeting them, read David Putt’s “Pandemic Exposes Vulnerability of the Digitally Unready” in the June/July issue of IBS Intelligence Journal.

David Putts
Chief Growth Officer

David, a three time bank CEO, has years of banking experience across Europe. He also worked for 10 years at McKinsey in the US. David is responible for Billon's international developement and partnerships

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