• Trusted document management


    documents with minimal
    Elimination of paper and reduction of cost
    and complexity with a highly secure and
    regulatory compliant solution

Billon’s mission is to unleash the transformational capabilities of DLT with a high performance
system for Trusted Document Management.

End-to-end fully digital, regulatory compliant business information exchange built on revolutionary security of immutable blockchain data.

Fundamental functions for digital data management.

function 'send'

Confidential and provable business communication for public and private documents

function 'store'

Decentralized “on-chain” and immutable documents and data

function 'sign'

E-signature on contracts linked to validated identity on ledger

function 'share'

Secure data exchange of one source of truth, with verifiable record of the provenance, access and usage

Irrefutable owner revision control with built-in audit trail

  • privacy

    Proof of delivery

    Undisputable digital evidence and audit trail with digital signature and timestamp on blockchain

  • fully digital

    Immutable & transparent

    Trusted business communication based on immutable nature of blockchain with digital data sharing functions across multiple parties

  • Immutable & transparent

    Fully digital

    Two-way customer communication with simple “one-click” mobile or web app for consumers

  • Regulatory compliant

    Privacy based on superior security model

    Digital Identity Management with identity verification and KYC validation secured by NextGen client-side cryptography

Top features for client benefits

Billon’s DLT is specifically designed to deliver tangible business savings, eliminating the risk of document security, and to support new revenue streams.

One complete enterprise – grade solution for
digital data & document management reducing
time and costs.

One complete enterprise grade solution for digital data & document management reducing time and costs

Fulfills regulatory requirements for MIFID
II (durable medium) and GDPR
– related
to identity protection and the right to be

bank, company, goverment

Two-way fully digital business communication with cybersecure digital identity management, digital document sharing & signing.

Maximizes data security with minimal IT administrative costs as clients manage own keys integrated into own devices

Reduces cost of IT infrastructure related to storage, backup, replication, and disaster recovery.

How it works

Our unique architecture with On-Chain Documents and Hash on DLT

  • Entire document saved in blockchain which provides automatic backup and security that the document will not be erased or modified by anyone

  • It is technically impossible to unilaterally modify or erase information providing possibility to preview documents in an unaltered format

  • Full control through geofencing and business partitioning

  • Superior client-side security model with atomic encryption

  • Lightweight design apps (nodes) can run on everything, even on smartphones