Trusted document management


Identity documents, land registries, diplomas, and many other documents to be fraud resistance and immutably stored

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Immutable and GDPR-compliant electronic form of critical, multi-party documents, eliminating paper

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Right to Work Platform

Fraud-resistant medical results or training certificates for proof of ability to work, shared across entities without fear of exposure of data

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Billon’s mission is to unleash the transformational capabilities of DLT with a high performance
system for Trusted Document Management.

An Unique On-Chain architecture to replace expensive traditional technology

  • Entire document saved in blockchain providing both resilience and security that document cannot be erased

  • It is technically impossible to unilaterally modify information providing possibility to preview documents in unaltered format

  • Full control through geofencing and business partitioning

  • Superior client-side security model with atomic encryption

  • Great user experiences as lightweight nodes enable deployment on low-memory smartphones and tables

How it works

Clients Benefits

Billon’s DLT is specifically designed to deliver tangible business savings, eliminating the risk of document security, and to support new revenue streams.

Financial Savings

One complete enterprise grade solution for digital data & document management reducing time and costs

One complete enterprise – grade solution for digital data & document management reducing time and costs.


Fulfills regulatory requirements for MIFIDII (durable medium) and GDPR – related to identity protection and the right to beforgotten.

bank, company, goverment

Identity Centricity

Two-way fully digital business communication with cybersecure digital identity management, digital document sharing & signing.


Maximizes data security with minimal IT administrative costs as clients manage own keys integrated into own devices

Low-cost Hosting

Reduces cost of IT infrastructure related to storage, backup, replication, and disaster recovery.