Pandemic and Digital Currencies: Top 2 Trends Shaping 2021

By Wojtek Kostrzewa, CEO of Billon           They trust us       Continue the conversation   Do you want to learn more about Billon and our enterprise … Read More


Which digital currency would be the best for your business?

    There are many types of digital currencies but underlying mechanics behind them all are essentially the same. That said, even if digital currencies operates in a similar way, business implications … Read More

Thought Leadership

National Digital Currency: A Fresh Approach using Distributed Ledger Technology

by David Putts, Chief Growth Officer of Billon Group When on June 18, 2019, Facebook announced the launch of Libra, this event arguably served as the strongest wake-up call to banks that … Read More

Thought Leadership

Why is digitized cash better than stablecoins?

International News

Billon will be first to digitise euro in DLT in cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank International

Billon will participate in the Elevator Lab Partnership Program organised by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). The Polish-British fintech is one of six companies selected from a group of over 280 applications. Supported … Read More


Central bank digital currency — why it did not happen yet?

Making money all-digital may be a way for governments to catch up with the digitization of the world and improve the lives of citizens. However such projects have problems going further than … Read More