Fintech 71
Billon Group, today announces it has been accepted into the non-profit Fintech accelerator Fintech71 based in the USA. It is one of ten start-ups selected and one of the few distributed ledger
Horizon 2020
The EU’s biggest Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020, announced that it granted funding of almost EUR 2M to Billon Group, under the SME Instrument programme, to expand its innovative DLT solutions
“Billon’s FCA registration will help prove that you can encrypt everyday currencies without the need for an alternative cryptocurrency. “Billon Financial, a subsidiary of Billon Group, today announced that following the successful
Billon and Philip Morris successfully completed series of pilots in Poland over the past eight months.Billon Group, the digital money provider and FCA sandbox member, has been selected by tobacco giant Philip
Hannover Messe logo
Billon joins official Polish delegation to the biggest global trade fair, the Hannover Messe international trade fair April 24-28th 2017.Poland’s Ministry of Development has named Billon (www.billongroup.com) one of three outstanding young
Billon as the first company in the world successfully delivered payouts with digital money using regulated currency. The company provided funds to 100 participants in the UK in a market research programme
Andrzej Duda i Andrzej Horoszczak
Billon pitched its idea of financial revolution before the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, Deputy PM and Minister of Development Mateusz Morawiecki, and top public companies at the second edition of the

Social Media

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Billion raises 6 million to expand DLT cash on chain solution https://t.co/eYIyyYoAzA @BillonGroup #Billon #blockchain #dlt #cashonchain #records #raises...
Billon Group
Billon Group2 days ago

Exhausted but honored to do our part in the COVID-19 relief Save Small Business #hackathon! 💪 Together...

Billon Group
Billon Group1 week ago

Billon works with Raiffeisen Bank International AG to develop a #blockchain-based digital cash platform to mint, transfer...

Billon1 month ago
Regulations require that end users have independent, unrestricted access to the contractual documents. Legacy technologies do not allow for...
Billon1 month ago
Gwarancja źródła pochodzenia i autentyczności dyplomów akademickich Zabezpieczenie przeciw podrabianiu i fałszowaniu dokumentów akademickich dzięki zastosowaniu technologii blockchain. Technologia...
Billon6 months ago
At #MSOne event in Kraków- great to share experience with other @microsoft partners! #microsoft #krakow #microsoftcommunity #microsoftpartner
Billon10 months ago
#Money2020Europe is around the corner! We'll be there as always with our high-performance #DLT system, demonstrating its payment and...

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Wojtek Kostrzewa joins as the new CEO

Photos of Andrzej Horoszczak

Wojtek Kostrzewa awarded with the Business Angel of the Year title

Billon signs cooperation agreement at the University of Warsaw

Billon at FIS Infocus conference, April 16-19 2019

About us

Billon civilized blockchain, creating a regulatory-compliant platform to manage money, identity and data. The platform can be used by enterprise companies to eliminate operational bureaucracy. The proprietary blockchain architecture stores data directly on-chain with no service costs.

Billon was founded in Poland in 2012. The development of its unique blockchain protocol has been supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program. In 2017 the company launched commercial operations in Poland and the United Kingdom. Billon is licensed to issue electronic money in the UK by the British regulator FCA. In November 2018, the company won the world’s largest fintech festival in Singapore, organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, showing a solution to zero-cost blockchain micropayments.

For more information, please visit www.billongroup.com

For press inquiries write at public.relations@billongroup.com