We enable independent sellers and content providers
to participate in the digital economy.
Billon’s solutions reinvent eCommerce payments and eSports donations
through streamlined experience, and the real-time exhange of money
and content or documents.

I want
to sell content
and products online but card companies charge too much

Financial exclusion extends beyond the 2.5 bn people financially excluded, as over 100 m merchants also need solutions to digitally engage buyers. How to sell online quickly, easily, and without hassle?

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My 10,000 fans
of my eSports stream need
a better way to donate during my broadcasts

eSports viewers and streamers are extremely demanding and fickle. They hate clumsy pre-paid cards and vouchers as ways to pay – even a few extra seconds to type a code is enough for them to get frustrated. How to facilitate donations quickly, easily, and without hassle?

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