Payment Products

Billon’s national currency solution does not require any third party participants to process payments between any participants. Users’ funds are secured by national regulations and subject to the supervision of national institutions.

With Billon’s DLT solution both money and data travel over the same rail directly and in near-real time irrespective of the currency, amount or time-zone.

Benefits of eMoney license

funds storing

Storing clients’ funds for indefinite period
of time

Unlike other market participants who possess payment institution license, under which clients’ funds may be stored only for a limited period of time and in purpose to execute payment transactions.

payments receiving

Receiving payments to Billon account from other sources

Billon technology allows a perfect e-wallet solution. It can become a payment ecosystem, that can exist parallel to banking system.


Anonymous e-money

Billon falls under AML exception, which allows not to apply certain due diligence measures (KYC) with specified value limits and functional limits.