MEP (Major Energy Provider) wants to migrate from paper documents distribution of their general energy tariffs and customer’s contracts into a full digital communication way in compliance with Durable Medium requirements. The main driver is to reduce costs related to paper documents distribution to their customers.


Trusted Document Management (TDM)

Digital transformation for general documents and customer’s agreements published on DLT
Eco-friendly fully digital delivery of obligatory documents to customers in real time. E-document client platform with temper-proof, immutable register of documents for better data management and sharing.

Blockchain base delivery of energy contracts concluded in MEP telephone channel eliminate the need of face to face contacts with end users and paper distribution of documents.

Cost-reducing technology

Allows for fully digital delivery and sharing of legally binding documents providing documents transparency, immutability and accessibility.

Regulatory compliance

Our solution provides compliance with GDPR and EU Durable Medium regulation which eliminates the need of posting signed agreements, providing the MEP huge savings related to the paper documents processing and traditional post distribution costs.

Project scope


Energy Agreement

In the major scope of this project the system provides a full functionality to send and store contract documents signed by MEP with the customer’s consent and a web-based platform which allows publishing and retrieval of the documents using DLT/blockchain technology.



Customer receives sms/email notification with link.


Customer clicks on the link and needs to enter decription decryption code to retrieve the document from DLT and read


Customer can see document details and can download the PDF file with energy agreement

Process overview

TDM provides a customized publication panel for MEP documents publication. The publication process supports preparation of PDF files from HTML files sent to the publication application.
The processes of transforming it into PDF and also reading and implementing customers details like sms, e-mail and name are automated thus providing minimum manual work from MEP.

Customers receive sms and e-mail notification with URL link to the document published on DLT through Billons Notification services component integrated with TDM. Agreements (private documents) which include personal data are encrypted with CEK (Content encryption key) . Individual CEK code is sent in separate communication to customers for decryption and access to the document

How it works

  • privacy

    Energy Agreement Publication on DLT through customized publication Panel

  • fully digital

    Clients blockchain identity creation based on data extracted directly form the Agreement

  • Immutable & transparent

    Agreement cryptografically secured in PDF format published on DLT

  • Regulatory compliant

    End Users are notified by sms/email and get easy web and mobile access to their cryprografica

Value delivered to customer

Significant cost reduction

On paper delivery of obligatory documents to customers

Efficient and Fast

Two-way fully digital business communication with customers in real time even during sales process

Transparency and regulatory compliance

Related to Durable Medium

Additional functionalities

  • Cryptographically secure tamper-proof data model
  • Simple user experience providing sensitive private data encryption and secure documents storage in distributed database
  • Interoperability with existing corporate CRM solutions
  • Possibility to integrate Corporate electronic seal and qualified timestamp
  • Minimum manual operations – implemented logic and business rules to create the final version of the contract and its attachments
  • Documents delivery notifications ( sms/email notification services integrated with the solution)
  • Documents transparency, immutability and accessibility for the MEP and the customers;Possible integration with existing MEP customer serving platforms.

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