• Task-based rewards.
    Instant and effortless.


Billon helps international corporations to increase loyalty and trade marketing efficiency by digitizing these programs to build end-user engagement and cut the cost of distributing payments.


Incentive and customer loyalty payments using pre-paid cards and vouchers can cost as much as 10% to 15% of flows, after including the cost of distribution, card replacements, and data gathering. Worse, many paid benefits are unspent, reducing the effectiveness of a sales promotion.


Billon’s technology digitizes the end-to-end process, integrating with back-office systems to generate payments and then instantly releases payment to the smart phone of an end-user when an user-defined event trigger occurs (i.e., the person does a task and gets paid – instantly!!). As data is being exchanged in the same digital transaction, the cost of distribution and authentication is solved!

End User benefits:

  • The payment is instant, and the funds can be used for anything – payments, transfer to everyday banking cards, ATM withdrawal, top-up mobile phones, and eventually, on-line shopping as well
  • Better End-user experience

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Step 1

Configure incentives in your Payout Panel. You can link event triggers via API or use the panel directly.

Step 2

Let your recipients know that their rewards are ready for collection.

Step 3

All done! Your recipients get money instantly and can redeem their rewards via bank transfer, at an ATM or spend it at partnering stores. As recipients collect funds, data are captured in the distributed ledger.

Corporate benefits:

  • Reduce 30% of sales force time as they no longer handle payouts
  • Reduce 90% of unclaimed benefits with greater transparency and usage
  • Up to 25% total end-to-end cost savings

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