Food Delivery App solves daily cash handling with Billon


Food Delivery App (FDA) faced a challenge of making deposits by various couriers in multiple cities in Poland. The cash-in points had to be available in as many places as possible. The process had to be simple, yet effective, to give the best user experience to couriers and the client. 


Food Delivery App (FDA)


Food Delivery Service

Our Solution

Billon provided a cash handling solution for deposits made by couriers on behalf of the client.

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Why our solution is the best fit


Fast transaction status updates

Our solution is based on a management panel and partnership with BillBird cash-in chain, with over 10.000 collection points available in multiple cities around Poland.

  • The API integration enabled us
    to provide fast transaction status updates on a successful deposit for reporting and business process purposes.
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All processes in one

There is currently no other solution working this way on the Polish market as it requires many elements working in parallel:

  • integration with cash-in points network,
  • managing the couriers with embedded KYC/KYB verification of the couriers,
  • handling the payments and API integration with the backend of the client

Moreover, the use of digital money allows the solution to be extended with additional functionalities in the future based on the client’s requirements.

How It Works


New Courier

The client adds new couriers to the Management Panel. After verification of the couriers, the client can generate deposits for the couriers.


Barcode Generation

The client generates a new deposit request for a specified courier and amount through the API. A new transaction and respective barcode is created in the Management Panel. The client sends this code to the courier via SMS.



The courier shows the barcode to the cashier at the cash-in point and pays the amount that was specified by the client.


Status Update

After successful payment, a transaction status is updated instantly in the Management Panel and a confirmation is sent to the client’s backend.

Conversion of physical cash into e-money enables further usage within the system (creating payouts, peer-to-peer payments, etc.)

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Before our solution was implemented, ​​​​​​​Food Delivery App (FDA) employee had to travel long distances across Poland, physically meet each courier and collect cash from them manually.

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The process required more resources, took longer and increased complexity in operations. FDA was in need of increasing the efficiency while fulfilling the requirements of the cash handling process.

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The process was causing additional risk for client employee carrying around significant amount of cash.

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There were no online updates to couriers’ cash balance, impeding operational efficiency of taking new orders.

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Our solution simplifies the process – couriers can deposit cash in conveniently located cash-in points, with minimal overhead.

  • Removing the need for employee travel led to significantly simpler, faster and efficient process. FDA observed remarkable savings on time and resources for cash handling.
  • The API integration enabled the data flow to be much more transparent, clear and auditable. Reporting process was highly improved.

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