ERGO Hestia delivers instant refunds of premium overpayments to clients using DLT

pencil and rulerChallenge

ERGO Hestia wanted a hassle-free, innovative solution to digitize a process of sending returns to their clients. As the insurer often didn’t have a customer’s IBAN, they had to contact the client directly, to gather the information needed for a bank transfer. This was not only cumbersome and cost-ineffective, but also didn’t create a digital experience for the customers.


ERGO Hestia



bulbOur Solution

For the purpose of this challenge, we have provided our Mass Payout Panel that enables easy, mass payouts to any end beneficiaries.

The solution consists of two main elements and processes: the management panel (payout creation process) and the collection page (payout collection process).

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A diagram of the payout and the collection
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Payout journey

The payout creation can be processed manually or automatically using the API – it requires:

  • filling in the phone number of the recipient,
  • amount of the payout,
  • notification text.

The payout can be also added into a separate project for better management of the returned funds (i.e. two separate returns for two separate policies).


Collection journey

The collection process requires:

  • clicking the link in the text message,
  • authorization using a one-time password,
  • adding new or selecting an existing bank account number to which the money is to be transferred.

magnifying glassWhy our solution is the best fit

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No need to know account number

This solution enables transfer of money to a client whose bank account number ERGO Hestia does not have.

Thanks to the service that is being introduced, which uses electronic money, all you need is a phone number.

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Blockchain environment with real currencies

Digital zlotys are saved in Billon’s distributed ledger (DLT) technology, which, unlike other blockchain systems, allows transactions with real currencies, issued by central banks.


Easy Implementation

The set-up is convenient and quick, providing a low entry level. ERGO Hestia could start using the panel the day after the agreement was signed with Billon. Several options of entering payout information, either manually, via flat files or via API also enables ease of use.

qoutation mark“When it comes to receiving refunds of premium overpayments, our customers value security, speed and simplicity. With this pilot, we’re aiming to not only deliver these benefits but to further our commitment by managing costs effectively through innovative, smart uses of blockchain technology together with Billon Group.”

ERGO Hestia, Oskar Jedynasty,
Head of Automation Division, IT Department.

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old and new journey
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Before our solution was implemented, the process of returning overpayments to a recipient whose bank account number is unknown was carrier out in two ways:

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collecting information from clients – draining resources from customer service and not always effective;

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postal money orders – obsolete and costly money transfer rail.



  • Customer convenience
    Fully digital and automated solution allows customers to easily collect funds without any effort or time to respond to calls from consultants.
  • More efficient and smoother process
    50% of customers collect payments with numbers expected to go up in 2021.
    80-90% of customers collecting the money do so within 24 hours vs up to 2 weeks with postal service.
  • Lower operational costs
    Negligible operational costs with Billon solution vs sending cash via post and paying up to 50% service fee on refunds. No consultant time is used for the refund process.

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