Our world has shifted to remote. Our solutions have always been applicable for the reality we are facing

We have adopted full continuity measures to keep our clients, employees,
and families safe.

Billon and COVID-19

Remote work

Billon Group is in the fully remote work mode, thanks to the all-digital nature of our company.

Business continuity

COO Robert Kaluza was appointed as
​​​​​a business continuity point of contact:

Crisis policy

The company adopted a pandemic crisis policy as an annex to the business continuity plan.

What is at stake?

Businesses are forced to use digital technologies to keep their operations running​​​​​​​.

Companies face setbacks with secure and efficient  handling of data and documents in the  teleworking mode economy and with lack of multichannel trused business communication with customers.

How we are helping

Billon built a DLT digital transformation platform to help businesses in transition from traditional to remote economy while keeping their revenues. With Billon’s DLT platform enterprises can accelerate digital transformation and launch next-gen digital products and services.

Billon DLT Platform allows for secure cooperation increasing business resiliency and process automation.

We help to accelerate digital transformation with blockchain technology. Check below how we support your industry.

Blockchain-based contracts with remote signature, active delivery and KYC on-boarding process.

Allows for fully digital delivery of legally binding documents and payments in one process for instant settlement.​​​​​​​

Automated high value documents certification for Corporate Governance and VDR files management.

Enable verification of the provenance, authenticity and validity of high value documents with full audit trail focused on fraud and falsification elimination.

Tamper-proof, immutable register of documents for better data management and sharing.​​​​​​​

Increase transparency and data democratization with ability to show and share information cross-border without compromising privacy and security.

Secure e-Voting system for governments and corporates.

Supports both open voting and anonymous voting and ensures the legitimacy of votes with digital ID registration and ultimate verification.

Regulated Digital Currencies for safe and regulatory compliant payments.

Enabling fast and profitable settlements (including cross border) without third party participants.

Mass Payouts for building digital engagement through fast payments for any user.

Instant gratification helps building better experience and relations with employees, agents or customers.

Payment distribution for apps, e-commerce, donations or any other payments scheme.

Collect money and transfer them to any number of receivers instantly and with low costs.

Profitable micropayments for gaming, streaming and video content.

Competitive solution for sending and accepting low value payments.