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Billon does not just design fintech products. We change ways in which money moves around the world. Our mission is to empower every person, regardless of their age, wealth or nationality, to participate in the global financial economy. Help us make it come true.

Our values


We prefer unvarnished truth and we don’t kill the messengers. We don’t dodge hard choices. We are passionate about what we do. We will never give up.


Our egos should serve us, not drive us. We are here primarily to deliver extraordinary experience for all our users. We are not sheep, so when inventing what it means ‘extraordinary’ we argue, but we are civil about it. Our ‘we’ is powerful because it is more than the simple sum of all the ‘I’.


We believe that what we do is truly innovative and there are no ready answers. Therefore we need to be courageous in challenging the status quo. We take calculated risks, and accept that failure is a possibile outcome. We have the courage to course-correct our own decisions when we have learned new facts.


What we do is very complex and requires understanding interaction of details between many separate domains. So, when it is time for decision making we take the wide view and ask for ownership from our many specialists.
Once we decide, we get the job done. We will say no to thousands of things in order to be able to truly commit and say yes to the one thing that truly matters now.

Human-centered thinking

We are excited about the possibilities our technology gives people all over the world. We want to keep our users always at the center of what we do. Also you are the human that we focus on, to help you grow, and encourage you to go out of your comfort zone.


We are true to ourselves. We build the trust to one another by walking our talk and keeping even small agreements, day in, day out. We keep open horizontal lines of communication, and we give helping hands even outside of our immediate teams.

Our benefits

Our location

Billon’s offices are conveniently based in downtown Warsaw and the City of London and we plan to expand!

Great team

We are a 50+ team of people working in an upbeat start-up environment. We have gathered some of the greatest talents on cryptography, blockchain, app design and UX and we constantly look for more.

Having your say

We do not care much about corporate hierarchy. If your ideas matter – so do you.

Daily innovation

We work on the forefront of financial technology, changing its very fundaments, expanding our skillsets and coping with unique challenges. Being part of Billon means you get better in what you do every day.

Join us

If you want to help shape the future of Billon do not hesitate to contact us at career@billongroup.com