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Posted: 28 March 2018

Billon’s blockchain technology recognised on global stage with World Summit Awards Winner

Billon, the company that civilized blockchain to built business solutions for real money and smart data, has been selected by the World Summit Awards’ Board of Juries as one of the world’s best digital content solutions for business and commerce category.

Billon’s civilized blockchain enables the transfer of digital assets – whether that be real currencies, contracts or data – with an unprecedented level of trust.  It has the potential to revolutionise business and commerce by removing intermediaries, security concerns and the complicated legacy payment system.

Billon has been awarded the WINNER’s diamond award on ‘Digital Divide Day’ at the United Nations World Summit Awards conference in Vienna last week.  The awards are designed to promote digital innovation that impacts society around the world from all UN member states. Billon has presented its regulated, national currency based e-money solution that can solve the world’s problem of financial exclusion in areas where average income does not allow the universal banking service be available.

Billon has also presented its long term vision of the Internet of Trust and Value that would immutably confirm individual ownership of digital assets. This may change the way people behave in the digital world. Apart for digital currency, people may own any other digital asset and - what may be more important in the long term - their identity. People will then be able to decide to whom they should give their identity and will always have the right to revoke them.

“It’s thrilling to see our innovative blockchain technology and products that are based upon it are recognised on such an international stage,” said Andrzej Horoszczak, CEO and founder of Billon.  “With the proliferation of hacking and multiple intermediaries involved in a single transaction, there is an issue of guaranteeing trust in the current business and commerce world.  With our technology, trust can become irrefutable, and that is what tomorrow’s business and commerce will be based on. All this at the lower, more affordable cost that will make the digital transactions available to more people, if not universally to everybody.”

With our technology, trust can become irrefutable, and that is what tomorrow’s business and commerce will be based on.

Andrzej Horoszczak, CEO and founder of Billon

About Billon:
Billon has civilized blockchain and unleashed the full power of distributed technology to create next generation solutions that combine flows of real money and smart data. Built on our own distributed ledger engine, a revolutionary light-weight architecture shifts control to the user while giving big businesses transformational solutions to redesign their own internal process for the new all-digital world. Our technology provides world’s leading scalability and regulatory capability to encrypt and process any real currency, deliver instant payments at ultra-low costs and power new business models.

Founded in 2012, Billon is an FCA registered eMoney institution with a global team of more than 100 professionals across its offices in the UK, US and Poland. One of its ready solutions was awarded a Horizon 2020 grant, the EU’s biggest research and innovation programme.

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