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Posted: 5 October 2017

Billon needs your vote to be the best fintech startup in Central Europe

Billon, the provider of a breakthrough distributed ledger technology for instant online payments, is a Regional Finalist at the 2017 Central European Startup Awards. You can vote for Billon online until October 24 and help win the 100.000 EUR award.

Central European Startup Awards is one of the regional competitions of the Global Startup Awards contest which awards best new business ideas from 25 countries in Europe and Asia. Zendesk, Endomondo, and Supercell are some of past recipients of the Global Startup Awards.

On September 26 Billon won the Central European Startup Awards Polish National Finale as the Best Fintech Startup. The company was awarded for its breakthrough payment solutions, allowing P2P instant money transfers using regulated currencies stored usingthe proprietary distributed ledger technology (DLT). Now Billon's solutions compete against 9 other innovative ideas from Central and Eastern Europe.

The CESAwards Grand Finale takes place on November 23 in Sofia Tech Park, Bulgaria. Apart from the award ceremony startups will take part in  networking and workshop events, meeting the greatest thinkers and doers of the Central European startup scene and beyond.

Andrzej Horoszczak, Billon founder and CEO: I am thrilled to compete against top other startups from Central Europe. Vote for Billon and help us fulfill the vision of becoming the new global standard for digital payments technology.

You can vote for Billon at (Facebook account required)

Money online

Billon created a breakthrough DLT payment solutions for banks, corporates, merchants and individuals that want to settle information and regulated currency instantly and on mobile devices. Billon currently operates in Europe, in Poland in partnership with banks, and in the UK, where it is an FCA-registered e-money institution. Billon currently supports PLN, EUR, and GBP payments.

We are the first fintech company to solve problems of cumbersome and expensive trillion dollar alternative payments market, levering the proprietary distributed ledger technology to eliminate the need for vouchers, pre-paid cards, and other semi-cash payment methods. Billon builds pioneering white label products and customised solutions for companies that wish to reinvent corporate incentive payments and build digital engagement. The company also offers ready to use merchant services and content monetization tools.

US and EU funding

Billon's main offices are in London and the bulk of its IT people work in Warsaw, but the company has global ambitions. Few weeks ago Billon received the 2M EUR grant from EU’s biggest Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020.  It has been also accepted into the non-profit fintech accelerator Fintech71 based in Ohio with the 100.000 USD funding, mentorship and meetings with local VCs.

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