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Posted: 23 May 2018

Billon and Mitsui: We landed in Japan!

Since November 2017 we’ve been working with Japanese company, Mitsui Knowledge Industry (MKI) on an e-money solution for the Asian market.  So successful has the partnership been that MKI is now looking to utilise our digital document management solution!

Mitsui Knowledge Industry is a subsidiary company of Mitsui, one of the biggest keiretsu, i.e. corporate groups in Japan. It will present Billon solutions to companies that wish to enter the world of digitized currency or, starting from now, need a new, better way to communicate documents to their clients. We hope Mitsui’s years of experience and the unparalleled network of contacts will result in Billon’s technology being adopted by numerous companies on Japanese and other Asian markets.

Unlike conventional document management systems based on centralized software and hardware, Billon’s solution encrypts and stores not only the hash value but the whole document on the blockchain, making it technically impossible to change the data on the chain. It means that read-only access rights are issued after the document has been published, avoiding administrators, hackers or service providers having the opportunity to tamper or delete documents.

What’s more, our solution is compliant to EU regulations such as GDPR. Companies can protect and keep personal data confidential and irretrievable, if required. In the same time they achieve the benefits of immutable documents given by blockchain.

This technology can liberate data and identity from constraints of central databases, bringing a new paradigm in document management. Distributed nodes storing data on-chain not only ensure the credibility and integrity of documents, but also can power a new democratic ‘blockchain’ internet. The privacy of its every user would be safeguarded by design and they would have an exclusive control on what information to share and with whom. We work hard to make Billon the default technological platform underpinning this internet of tomorrow.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mitsui seeing the results of implementations of our technology in the Japanese market – watch this space!

You can also read the original Mitsui press release in Japanese:

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