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Posted: 11 January 2019

Agnieszka Gotlibowska-Horoszczak becomes Billon’s Chairwoman; Anand Phanse takes over as Billon’s CFO

On January 9 Billon’s Board of Directors appointed Agnieszka Gotlibowska-Horoszczak as a Chairwoman and Non-Executive Director of the board. In addition Anand Phanse, Billon’s interim CFO, was appointed to that role permanently and joined the Board of Directors of the company. Those decisions come in line with expected Billon’s expansion and enterprise deployments in different geographies and market sectors in 2019.

Agnieszka says: “It is my pleasure to accept the appointment as a Chairwoman and Non-Executive Director of Billon, the company I have been supporting indirectly for so many years. It is a tremendous success to persevere as the first regulatory-friendly blockchain/DLT globally. Now that we are servicing enterprises, my skill set and experience helps deliver projects we are engaged at. As a lawyer I am witnessing blockchain changes the way how the rights of digital economy participants are protected and enforced in areas such as online transactions, sensitive documents management and IP rights.”

As a lawyer I am witnessing blockchain changes the way how the rights of digital economy participants are protected and enforced in areas such as online transactions, sensitive documents management and IP rights.

Agnieszka Gotlibowska-Horoszczak, Chairwoman of Billon Group

Anand Phanse has been involved with Billon since late 2017, initially as business innovation coach to the management team as part of the Horizon 2020 program, and then as an advisor during 2018. His new role as the Chief Financial Officer will cover the overall financial management of the company including fundraising and strategic planning.

Anand comments: “I have been always very impressed with the full stack DLT platform that Billon has developed and want to congratulate the team for the progress made during this past year. The company has moved from technology development to commercial adoption which is evident by a rapidly growing roster of enterprise customers who are using applications built on Billon’s platform.  I look forward to joining the Billon team at such a pivotal moment to facilitate the global expansion of Billon on a firm financial footing.

Bio - Agnieszka Gotlibowska-Horoszczak

Agnieszka Gotlibowska-Horoszczak is an experienced legal counsel with corporate background, specialising in media and telecommunication law. In the past she worked for Polish and international law firms as well as headed a business and legal affairs team of Viacom International Media Networks in Poland. Currently, she is General Counsel for nc+ ITI Neovision, one of the biggest media companies in Poland  (part of  CANAL+ in Vivendi group).

Bio - Anand Phanse

Anand Phanse is a seasoned finance professional who has been a board member and advisor to several fast growing companies. Recently he was a Partner and the Investment Director at Fjord Capital, a  venture investment firm, where, among the many other investments, he successfully led the last pre-IPO round of Tesla Motors. Anand was previously selected a Global Leadership Fellow at the WEF and a business innovation coach for the EU Horizon 2020 SME program.

About Billon:
Billon is a blockchain technology company which created a regulatory-compliant DLT platform to manage money, identity and data. The platform can be used by enterprise companies to eliminate operational bureaucracy. The proprietary blockchain architecture stores data directly on-chain with no service costs.

Billon was established in Poland 2012.The development of its unique blockchain protocol has been supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program. In 2017 after few years of R&D work commercialization of its technology started. Billon was part of the first cohort of FCA regulatory sandbox and became a small e-money issuer using a blockchain technology. In 2018 the company started working on document management based solely on its technology. In November 2018, the company won the world's largest fintech festival in Singapore, organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, showing a solution to zero-cost blockchain micropayments.

Billon’s clients include Phillip Morris, Mitsui Knowledge Industry and biggest Central Eastern European credit bureau, BIK.

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