Tailored Payments Solutions



Customisable payment processing system supporting any money circulation scenario

Billon’s DLT we provide instant settlements between peers, with multiple cash-in and cash-out options and instant commission transfer “on way” to the partner.

Segregated account with automated payouts and a possibility of blocking funds to handle after-service payments or automatic refunds with event triggers.

We can adapt our solution to any type of business model in any type of environment (e-commerce, m-commerce, apps, marketplaces, services on-demand, booking platforms, crowdfunding, incentives, payouts and more)

Sending funds from one user to multiple users

(buying from multiple shops, using multiple services like VOD)

Sending funds from one peer to another

(B2B, B2C, C2C)

Sending funds from multiple users to multiple users

(splitting payment for travel or buying merchandise/services for multiple users from multiple retailers, like company benefits programmes)

Collecting funds from multiple users and sending them to one user

(crowdfunding, car sharing, buying gifts)

The commission for a partner can be transferred on-way or all settlements can be done monthly. There is also a possibility of sending cashbacks or rewards (points) for each of the transaction participants on-way with automatic triggers.

Key benefits

Business benefits (Partner)

  • Settlement solution with full use case flexibility for any business scenario (marketplace, application, crowdfunding etc.)
  • Instant commission transfer without need of accepting and holding users balance
  • Cashbacks / rewards implemented into the solution, with automated task triggers
  • Easy refunds with possibility of blocking funds for return of goods period

User benefits (Payer)

  • Frictionless settlement system
  • Instant refund after returning goods
  • Instant cashbacks / rewards after successful transaction (or meeting requirements)
  • Ability to use dedicated cards

User benefits (Payee)

  • Fast cash-out
  • Automated refunds
  • Possibility of sending invoice with transaction for each payee

How It Works

  • Our technology is based on transactional platform, mobile application and web panels for partners and merchants.
  • We integrate through API – payers can cash-in with credit / debit card or bank transfer, payees can cash-out to bank account or our mobile lite account using a payout panel.
  • Users can receive cashbacks / rewards on a user account provided by partner, on our mobile lite account or directly to their bank account.


  • Holding balance on segregated account (panel for merchants and application for end-users)
  • Collecting funds from multiple users (individual or business)
  • Peer-to-Peer (direct) transactions between users – Partner doesn’t need to mediate in transaction
  • Instant money transfer to any participant
  • Transferring commission to partner “on way”
  • Sending funds to multiple users (individual or
  • Granting cashbacks or rewards instantly after
    successful transaction
  • Blocking funds to enable easy return of goods with instant refund
  • Money circulation model is being built based on
    business processes, not otherwise
  • Possibility of implementing cards into solution (for cashbacks, paying in POS)
  • Ability to cash-out from ATM

Use Cases

Job Marketplace

Initial verification process and the payment process for the service, distributing real-time commissions for the partner and payment for the service provided to the employee.

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Car Wash Network

Electronic money, enabling settlement payments between user and the owner of the car wash, and transfer of the commision for the operator of the platform

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Virtual Shopping Gallery

Advanced payment management in a basket between one customer and many stores and a commission for the partner

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Private Healthcare

Emoney wallets for patients, that enable payments to any private doctor within the healthcare network after receiving the medical treatment.

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