Get real money for the job done.
No more vouchers.

Collect your payouts 24/7, immediately after it is sent.

24/7 access

Do not worry about business hours. Collect money with an e-mail or an SMS anytime you want.

No waiting time

The seconds after you receive a message your money is ready for you to pick up.

Easy to withdraw

Take out cash from an ATM or a physical cash-out point or transfer a payout to a bank account.

How to start?

1. Receive link

When a payout is ready to collect your employer will send you a link to the dedicated website. You can receive that link by an e-mail, an SMS or in a dedicated app

2. Log in

Follow the link to log in to the website.

3. Find your pay

On the website you will see how much you were paid and how you can collect your payout.

4. Collect

Choose one of the options of a payout collection. You can send money to your Billon application or a bank account or pick it up at an ATM or a cash-out point.