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When the challenge is complex, off-the-shelf thinking won’t do.
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Incentives schemes and motivational programs with digital money can replace cumbersome and fraud-prone gift vouchers and pre-paid cards. Use Billon’s technology to reward your employees, sales reps or affiliate network.

Digital engagement

Pay online, work online, do business online tapping on our disruptive technology. You can easily and safely transfer money to anyone. Instantly and anytime. It is the right time to discover new ways of building digital engagement.

Seamless payments

Based on our solution you can fully digitize and simplify all your processes involving money, cut your costs and improve your users’ satisfaction metrics by providing a truly mobile money experience.

Financial inclusion

Still there is the market of 2 billion individuals worldwide with no bank account. Co-create with us financial solutions for youngsters, temporary workers and consumers to give everyone the chance for inclusion in the current global economy.

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