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Billon’s eMoney solution allows financial firms to improve termination services and digitize their user experience, reducing operational burden and diminishing friction on cross border transactions and remittance. The eMoney sent or received can be cashed-out on ATMs, transferred to a bank account or simply exchanged for cash at a payment point at minimal cost.

Lightning-quick payment

Billon’s payment technology is the fastest in the world. Transactions can take less than 5 seconds, 5 times less than any traditional online solutions. The moment you complete the transaction, money changes the owner with no states in between.

Boosting profits

We lower operating costs of payments by eliminating intermediaries, such as banks and card issuers, and removing barriers for end-users. There are no chargebacks, so you do not need resources to resolve payment disputes.

Secure technology

An audit trail secured by distributed ledger retains full accountability and tracking, while eliminating much of the back-office share of monitoring and reconciliation. Settlement, verification and money transfer are secure by design and immediate.

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