• Digitalise corporate incentives


Digital transformation

Image somebody without smartphone, right this is almost impossible. So take advantage of that fact and start offering Billon payout solution for truly mobile money experience. It takes just minutes to prepare sending money and seconds to receive it. Recipients can collect their payouts on one-click convenience 24/7.

Freedom of use

Your employees and retailers will love it! Shift from high cost incentive programmes to simple and convenient digital money solutions. Instead of unwieldy pre-paid cards, cheques or vouchers you can send money directly to their mobile device and offer the complete freedom of using.

Secure technology

An audit trail secured by distributed ledger retains full accountability and tracking, while eliminating much of the back-office costs of monitoring and reconciling payouts.

Learn more how to collect payouts with Billon app

Make the smart choice. Get started with Billon!

1. Send request

If you wish to automate mass payouts in your organization, contact Billon to set up your salary withdrawal panel.

2. Create a payout list

Create a list of payout recipients. You can set up a new list or load it from a CSV file.

3. Notify recipients

Notify recipients by an e-mail or a SMS that funds are available for withdrawal.

4. Ready to collect

As soon as recipients receive notification, money is ready for them to collect through a dedicated website.